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庆祝生命, 即使在死亡 — 这一类别包含了我的一些更个人化的职位.

神 — A Personal Story

I want to wrap up this series on atheism with a personal story about the point in time where I started diverging from the concept of God. I was very young then, about five years old. I had lost a pencil. It had just slipped out of my schoolbag, which was nothing more than a plastic basket with open weaves and a handle. When I realized that I had lost the pencil, I was quite upset. I think I was worried that I would get a scolding for my carelessness. 你看, my family wasn’t rich. We were slightly better off than the households in our neighborhood, but quite poor by any global standards. The new pencil was, to me, a prized possession.


9/11 Debunkers

亲自, one of the main reasons I started taking the conspiracy theories about 9/11 seriously is the ardor and certainty of the so-called debunkers. They are so sure of their views and so ready with their explanations that they seem rehearsed, coached or even incentivized. Looking at the fire-induced, symmetric, and free-fall collapse of WTC7, how can anyone with any level of scientific background be so certain? The best a debunker could say would be something like, “是的, the free-fall and the symmetry aspects of the collapse do look quite strange. But the official explanation seems plausible. 至少, it is more plausible than a wild conspiracy by the government to kill 3000 of our own citizens.” But that is not at all the way they put it. They laugh at the conspiracy theories, make emotional statements about the technical claims, and ignore the questions that they cannot explain away. They toe the official line even when it is clearly unscientific. They try to attack the credibility of the conspiracy camp despite the obvious fact that it has the support of many seasoned professionals, like architects, physics teachers, structural engineers and university professors.


9/11 – Motives for Mass Murder

In the first post in this series, we saw that 7 World Trade Center building was the smoking gun of a possible conspiracy behind the 9/11 attack. The manner in which it collapsed and the way the collapse was investigated are strong indications of a conspiracy and a cover up. 然而, when I first heard of the conspiracy theory in any serious form, the first question I asked myself was why – what possible motive could any person or organization have to commit mass murder at this scale? I honestly couldn’t see any, and as long as you don’t see one, you cannot take these conspiracy theories seriously. 当然, if you buy the official story that the conspiracy actually originated in Afghanistan among terrorist monsters, you don’t need to look for any rational motives.


9/11 Conspiracy

Some people are more susceptible to conspiracy theories than others. I am one of them. But even to me, 该 9/11 conspiracy theories sounded ludicrous at first. I couldn’t see any possible motivation for anyone to go and murder 3000 人, nor any possible way of getting away with it. But there were things that could not be explained in the way the buildings came down, especially the World Trade Center Building 7, WTC7. So I went through as much of the conspiracy literature, and their debunking as I could. After a month or so of casual research, I have to say that a conspiracy is plausible, and even likely. I thought I would share my thoughts here, with apologies to anyone who might find this line of thinking offensive.



我的父亲曾经告诉我,SM李光耀轶事. 我的父亲曾与新加坡没有直接联系, 但有他的工作的一个朋友作为一个报社记者在这里的七十年代. 这位朋友, 马吉德, 是一个小记者的时间, 不是所有著名的以任何方式. 他正好是在刚才的记者招待会. 李光耀曾. 马吉德先生问. 李一的问题, 谁在那一刻得到了分心其他一些记者问别的东西. 先生. 李某举起手来马吉德说, “我会和你在一分钟, 马吉德” 并着手现场的其他问题. 这可能看起来像一个不起眼的交流,任何人, 但马吉德, 这是一个惊人的启示.



我有驾驶的乐趣,在世界许多地方. 是相当敏锐和有一种倾向,理论化的事情了, 我来形成对驾驶习惯的一般理论,以及.

你看, 每个地方都有一套规范的驾驶, 文法或驾驶的话, 如果你愿意. 在马赛, 法国, 例如, 如果你对你的转向灯开关上的多车道的街道, 人们会立刻让你在. 这不是因为他们是礼貌和体贴的司机 (恰恰相反, 事实上), 但一转信号指示司机’ 无意改变车道, 不是请求,让他们. 他们不寻求许可; 他们只是让你知道. 你们最好是让他们,除非你想有一个碰撞. 在日内瓦 (瑞士), 另一方面, 转向灯是真正的请求, 这通常是否认.



最近的一些事件促使我重新审视这个 不舒服的话题 — 为什么我们伤心的时候有人去世?

大多数宗教都告诉我们,离开, 如果他们在生活中好, 最终在一个更好的地方. 所以悲伤没有任何意义. 如果离开是坏, 我们不会伤心任何方式.

即使你不是宗教, 不要相信一个永恒的灵魂, 死亡不能是坏事死, 因为他们觉得没有什么, 因为不存在, 这是死亡的定义.



当我听到罗宾·威廉斯的明显的自杀的消息,我是为其他人的震惊. 我想写一些事情,因为我是他的工作,热心球迷. 事实上, 我所有那些有才华的人谁可以让别人笑的粉丝, 从开始欢呼的特德唐禹哲来的每日秀乔恩·斯图尔特, 以及其间的所有f.r.i.e.n.d.s.

这也使我想到. 我们大多数人想成为富人和名人. 但是,金钱和名利似乎并不足够让任​​何人都满意. 这是为什么? 照常, 我有一个理论吧. 事实上, 我有两个. 我将与大家分享两个, 但请记住,这些是一个虚幻的博客只是理论, 仅此而已. 尽管理论, 现在, 我只是感到深深的忧愁, 几乎就像罗宾·威廉姆斯又是谁,我知道和关心. 这是愚蠢的, 当然, 但一些关于他的年龄 (它是矿山如何十分接近), 他去世的突然, 而事实上,他让我们笑出声来, 使他的临别个人损失事.