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The primary objective of this blog is to entertain you with quality writing. Accidentally discovered and carefully cultivated, my writing skill has seen a measure of success in newspapers and magazines around the world. Creating a collection of my columns and articles in one place (an anthology of the Internet kind, as it were) is the second objective.

Most of the stories here are my original writing, except when clearly stated. The exceptions are generally categorized under Debates, Email Flotsam or Malayalam.

In Debates, I archive my forum or email exchanges. In such posts, I have included the words of those who engaged in the discussions so as to provide a context for understanding the exchanges. To the extent possible, I have tried to highlight their words with different colors or quotations.

Email Flotsam holds interesting chain mails or other Internet debris.

Malayalam is a category for posts of interest to those who speak that language of the Indian state of Kerala. If that statement makes no sense to you, it is unlikely that you will enjoy the posts in Malayalam.

One hidden agenda (for there is always at least one) behind this blog is to promote a skeptical worldview that will encourage you to look at everything from a slightly different perspective. By “everything,” I really do mean everything from politics to economy, perception to physics, science to spirituality — you name it, I’ve got it here.

I know it is a tall order to change the way my reader looks at the world. I plan to achieve that goal by presenting a slightly off and surprising angle in every one of my columns — each of them clad in writing of publishable quality. In fact, most of the stories here were indeed published in newspapers or magazines.

Of all the off-angle musings here, the ones closest to my heart are in physics, for physics was my first love. Everything else I do, such as my successful forays into quantitative finance, is only a means to finally devoting all my time, energy and undivided attention to physics at its frontier with philosophy. I hope I don’t get seduced by the dark allure of the highly lucrative domain of quantitative finance to give up on my first love. I also hope that I live long enough and that my intellect stays sharp enough to make a meaningful dent in the orthodoxy that has been holding back the research and vision in physics.

The other hidden agenda is to promote my book, The Unreal Universe, which describes the fruits of my labor so far in physics. The work behind the book, which I believe is only the tip of the iceberg, is really why I am here — in this blog, in this world, at this time. It is really my raison-d’ĂȘtre. Everything else is incidental.

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