Other Known Conspiracies

A conspiracy theory remains a theory and fodder for crackpots until it is blown wide open. At that point, the crackpots become award winning journalists and the leaders who were considered national heroes become sociopathic criminals. Such is the fickleness of popular opinion, and so it will be with the 9/11 conspiracy when it becomes widely known (if it ever does) that it was a conspiracy.

To illustrate the lifecycle of a conspiracy theory, here is a list of known (‘blown wide open”) conspiracies and scandals of our time. Note how the top brass almost always gets away with it, and some scapegoat takes the fall to stop the bloodletting.

A truly successful conspiracy is indeed the one that you never hear of. By that standard, 9/11 isn’t all that successful a conspiracy, probably because of the information flow (video footages of the attacks, building collapses, and images the Pentagon and Shanksville sites) could not be controlled thanks to the Internet. Video footages have always been the bane of any cover up effort, starting from JFK to the Rodney King incident, and all the police shooting incidents. I’m, of course, making this statement assuming that 9/11 was indeed a conspiracy that is waiting to be blown wide open.

  • The Watergate Scandal, 1972 tells us how FBI, CIA and IRS could be usurped by the administration to carry out pretty much anything they want.
  • NSA Spying on US Citizens, as exposed by Edward Snowden, the true extent of which is still not fully known.
  • Iran-Contra Affair, 1985-87
    US government trades arms for cash and hostages then uses the proceeds to finance an illegal war in Nicaragua.
  • Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, 1932 – 1972
    Public Health officials studied the progression of NOT treating syphilis on 399 uninformed American citizens.
  • Gulf of Tonkin incident – 1964
    The President lies to the American public and Congress in order to escalate the war in Vietnam in a false flag operation.
  • WMDs and the Invasion of Iraq – 2003
    Iraq is attacked under false pretenses. Even 9/11 is used as a justification for it in addition to the non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Here is how it is presented before the war:

If you look around, you will find a huge list of such conspiracies that actually took place, and how the guilty and the powerful got away with it. The trouble is that you will also find an equally huge list of crackpot conspiracy theories. You will have to use your own judgement about what to take seriously.

Photo by Serfs UP ! Roger Sayles cc