Sex and PhysicsAccording to Feynman

Physics goes through an age of complacency once in a while. Complacency originates from a sense of completeness, a feeling that we have discovered everything there is to know, the path is clear and the methods well-understood.

Historically, these bouts of complacency are followed by rapid developments that revolutionize the way physics is done, showing us how wrong we have been. This humbling lesson of history is probably what prompted Feynman to say:

Such an age of complacency existed at the turn of the 19th century. Famous personas like Kelvin remarked that all that was left to do was to make more precise measurements. Michelson, who played a crucial role in the revolution to follow, was advised not to enter adeadfield like physics.

Who would have thought that in less than a decade into the 20th century, we would complete change the way we think of space and time? Who in their right mind would say now that we will again change our notions of space and time? I do. Then again, nobody has ever accused me of a right mind!

Another revolution took place during the course of the last century — 量子力学,,en,粒子与相互作用,,en,还原论,,en,古典物理学,,en,量子力学的历史渊源,,en,量子场论,,en,量子力学-解释,,en,狭义相对论,,en,光速,,en,狭义相对论的解释,,en,电子书版本的《粒子与相互作用》现已推出,,en,可作为与移动设备兼容的设计精美的可打印电子书提供,,en,立即获取,,en,质量管理,,de,是小事物的物理学,,en,他们的行为举止如何相互影响,,en,QM的这种框架明显缺席的原因,,en,为什么小事情做什么,这是质量管理一个问题,,en,如果您要在这个主题上取得进展,,en,最好的选择是遏制问为什么,,en,自然就是她,,en, which did away with our notion of determinism and dealt a serious blow to the system-observer paradigm of physics. Similar revolutions will happen again. Let’s not hold on to our concepts as immutable; they are not. Let’s not think of our old masters as infallible, for they are not. As Feynman himself would point out, physics alone holds more examples of the fallibility of its old masters. And I feel that a complete revolution in thought is overdue now.

You might be wondering what all this has to do with sex. Well, I just thought sex would sell better. I was right, wasn’t I? I mean, you are still here!

Feynman also said,

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