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Easy AdSense

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Easy AdSense is a premium plugin for WordPress. It gives you a very easy way to insert Google AdSense code into your existing and future blog posts. You can easily add a widget to display ads in your sidebar, and another to show a Google Search box. You can specify where each ad should appear, control their appearance, control them on a post-by-post basis, decorate them with a roll-over border, suppress/enable them on certain types of posts and pages and so on. With its rich set of features, Easy AdSense is perhaps the only plugin that gives you a complete solution for managing everything AdSense-related. It comes in a freely-distributed Lite Version. If you want more control, you can get the Pro Version . The most popular AdSense plugin on WordPress.org, Easy AdSense has clocked close to a million downloads (including 600,000 downloads before it went commercial).

Easy Text Links

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Do you feel that AdSense returns are slimmer than you expected? You may want to take a look at Easy Text Links, is a modern plugin to help you make extra revenue from your blog by selling text links. Text link advertising can be significantly more lucrative than contextual ads. This plugin automates the insertion and expiration of the links, and helps you with quick reminder emails to your advertisers.

Other plugins that do similar text link advertising do exist in the repository, but they are typically front ends to services that provide such links (such as Text Link Ads, for instance.) They take a significant cut of your advertising revenue (50% in the case of Text Link Ads) acting as the middlemen between you and your advertisers. Easy Text Links, on the other hand, is for those who want to interact directly with their advertisers, and keep the whole revenue for themselves, cutting the middlemen.

If you have a popular blog, text links can potentially bring in much more revenue than any contextual advertising. In my case, the difference was easily a factor of 100. Keep in mind, however, that most contextual ad providers (such as AdSense) do not like paid link placement, for obvious reasons.

AdSense  Now!
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AdSense Now! simplifies it even further. Another premium WordPress plugin, it takes all the complications out of the equation, and asks you to cut and paste your AdSense code in just one text box. No fuss, no mess! All your posts and pages are now AdSense enabled. Another hugely popular plugin for AdSense, it was downloaded about 150,000 times from WordPress.org before it went commercial.

I ascribe the success of my plugins to their simplicity and meticulous attention to detail. Most AdSense plugins I have seen suffer from a few drawbacks.

  1. They try to handle too many ad providers.
  2. As a result, they have complicated configuration and fairly inflexible layout options.
  3. Each time you switch your theme, you have to re-configure your AdSense code to match your color scheme.
  4. They don’t usually give you configurable widgets for your sidebar, making it difficult to Google-enable your sidebars.

Easy AdSense and AdSense Now! do only AdSense, and give you the simplest (but complete) configuration possible. If you would like to support my plugin efforts, I have a configurable ad slot sharing scheme implemented, which you can turn on or off at will.

Google AdSense

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Google AdSense is a modern plugin for, of course, Google AdSense. It gives you an attractive tabbed interface on its admin page, and uses a highly modular and robust engine beneath to give you features and control that other AdSense plugins just cannot provide. You don’t even have to cut and paste your ad code generated at Google — you just have to provide your pub-ID and select colors for the ad to match your theme, and the Google AdSense plugin will take care of the rest. It is written using the same modular framework as my multi-provider Easy Ads plugin.

As with all my AdSense plugins, the Pro version of Google AdSense gives you ways and means to minimize your chance of getting banned from the AdSense program for policy violations. It has an intelligent filter that will look for keywords that may indicate adult or mature content even in a comment so that a spam comment doesn’t flag your blog for potential banning by Google. It also has a feature to suppress ads on a list of client IP addresses so that accidental (or intentional) clicks will not happen from those Internet addresses.

Easy Ads

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Easy Ads takes you beyond AdSense. Google dumped you? Don’t be heartbroken; there are other fish in the sea. You may find happiness with Clicksor, BidVertiser or Chitika. Use Easy Ads, and you may get lucky!

Written in a new modular framework, Easy Ads is a study in how to write hugely complex WordPress plugins while retaining the simplicity of their user interfaces. Its code base is shared by the Google AdSense plugin as well. This complex, multi-provider plugin helps you maximize your revenue potential. Take a look at its features:

  1. Tabbed and intuitive interface for multiple ad providers.
  2. Rich display and alignment options.
  3. Robust codebase for extending to more ad providers.
  4. Control over the positioning and display of ad blocks in each post or page.
  5. Dedicated options tabs for AdSense and Chitika with color pickers to customize the generated ad code.
  6. Simple configuration interface — nothing more than entering your provider id, and with sensible defaults for the few options present, all with clear instructions.
  7. Widgets for each provider.

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