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AdSense Now

Now! Plugin for AdSense is the simplest possible way to generate revenue from your blog using Google AdSense. Aiming at simplicity, Now! Plugin for AdSense does only one thing: it puts your AdSense code in up to three spots in your posts and pages (both existing ones and those yet to be written). The admin interface of this plugin uses a highly functional and modern interface based on the twitter bootstrap framework with generous, context-sensitive help on every single option.

Sunset Edition
This update of the plugin is the last publicly released version. We do not expect to make any serious changes or add new features to it from now on.

We may not always be able to provide prompt support for this plugin on the forums. If you would like to have professional support or extra/custom features, consider buying the Pro version

If you have multiple blogs or websites where you would like your ads to appear, you may want to try Ads EZ - a personal ad server fully compatible with this plugin. It is also available in the WordPress plugin directory.

Live Demo

AdSense Now! admin interface is feature-rich, user-friendly and functional. Please visit this fully operational live demo site]( "Play with Easy AdSense Admin Interface") to see what it can do for you.

Now available in your language using Google Translate.


  • Beautifully designed, fully responsive, intuitive interface.
  • Inline editing and instant saving of your options with AJAX (no more form submit/refresh etc.)
  • Enforces the Google policy of not more than three adsense blocks per page.
  • Simplest possible configuration interface -- nothing more than cutting and pasting AdSense code.
  • Rich set of options to suppress ads on all pages (as opposed to posts), or on the front/home page, category/tag/archive listings.
  • Control the positioning and display of AdSense blocks in each post or page.
  • Popover help for every option in the plugin.
  • Interface tour to familiarize yourself with the plugin features and layout.
  • Ability to spawn the plugin interface as a separate tab/window independent of the WordPress admin interface.

PS: You'll need a Google AdSense Account.

Now! Plugin for AdSense is the freely distributed version of a premium plugin. The Pro version gives you more control.

  • Safe Content filter: To ensure that your Google AdSense ads show only on those pages that seem to comply with Google AdSense policies, which can be important since some comments may render your pages inconsistent with those policies.
  • IP filter: Ability to specify a list of computers where your ads will not be shown, in order to prevent accidental clicks on your own ads -- one of the main reasons AdSense bans you. These features will minimize your chance of getting banned.
  • Compatibility mode: To solve the issue of the ad insertion messing up your page appearances when using some themes.
  • Category/Post Control: Ability to suppress ads on specific categories, posts and pages.
  • Shortcode Support: Show the ads only on the pages or posts you want, and exactly where you want them.
  • Mobile Support: Ability to show different ads on mobile devices, or to suppress ads.
  • Excerpts: Ability to show a configurable number of ads on Excerpts (which make up the home page in some themes).
  • Option Sets: Multiple option sets can be defined and easily switched between.
  • Suspend Ads: Ability to temporarily suppress ad serving.
  • Admin Interface Themes: Multiple color schemes for the admin interface.
  • Ad Serving Statistics: Keep an eye on your ad serving statistics to make sure that Google is not shortchanging you. (Optional paid module)



The easiest way to install this plugin is to use the WordPress Admin interface. Go to your admin dashboard, find the "Plugins" menu, and click on "Add New". Search for this plugin and click on "Install Now" and follow the WordPress instructions.


If you want to download it and manually install, you can again use the WordPress dashboard interface. First download the plugin zip file to your local computer. Then go to your admin dashboard, find the "Plugins" menu, and click on "Add New". After clicking on the "Add New" menu item as above, click on "Upload" (below the title "Install Plugins" near the top). Browse for your downloaded zip file, upload it and activate the plugin.

Using Plugin Interface

Further updates (and Pro upgrades and module installations) to the plugin can be done easily from the plugin admin page itself, by clicking on the Updates button on the top right corner.


Although the Now! Plugin for AdSense plugin is designed to handle Google AdSense efficiently, there is nothing preventing you from using the text boxe to place any other kind of text in your blog posts and pages. In particular, you can use ad text from other providers.

To install the professional version of the plugin, please deactivage the Lite version (if any) first. Then upload the zip file that you download after your purchase using the WordPress admin interface shown below.


The plugin is updated also by following the same process, preferably from the plugin Admin page where you will see a file-upload form when an update is ready. The first update for your purchased plugin is always free.


  1. Now! Plugin for AdSense Dashboard.  Screenshot [now-plugin-for-adsense] 1
  2. How to set the options for Now! Plugin for AdSense.  Screenshot [now-plugin-for-adsense] 2
  3. Advanced configuration of the plugin.  Screenshot [now-plugin-for-adsense] 3
  4. Options to support safety, compatibility, mobile devices and category/post control.  Screenshot [now-plugin-for-adsense] 4

Change Log

  • V6.20: Compatibility with WP4.8. Sunset edition. [Aug 1, 2017]
  • V6.10: Compatibility with WP4.6. Many accumulated fixes and changes. Releasing the sunset version. [Oct 12, 2016]
  • V6.00: Compatibility with WP4.5. [Apr 12, 2016]
  • V5.97: Improvements in the Google Translator interface. Compatibility with multisite installaton of subdomain type. [Feb 28, 2016]
  • V5.96: Minor interface and documentation changes. [Feb 25, 2016]
  • V5.95: Work-around for servers that refuse to save ad code because of the script tag. [Feb 18, 2016]
  • V5.94: Restricting Google Translate not to translate user-editable strings. Optimizing screenshots. [Feb 7, 2016]
  • V5.93: Adding diagnostic information on the update page. [Jan 20, 2015]
  • V5.92: Changes to make the plugin compatible with multisite installations. [Jan 14, 2016]
  • V5.91: Adding a dev-friendly include to introduce local settings, if any. [Dec 30, 2015]
  • V5.90: Compatibility with WordPress 4.4. [Dec 5, 2015]
  • V5.83: Adding more diagnostic comments. [Dec 3, 2015]
  • V5.82: Making the admin menu dynamic (optionally) in standalone mode. Improving DB layer error handling. [Nov 29, 2015]
  • V5.81: Warning about PHP V5.4 requirement on the admin page. [Nov 8, 2015]
  • V5.80: Admin pages in your language using Google translation. [Oct 22, 2015]
  • V5.73: Renaming the Mobile_Detect class for compatibility. [Oct 14, 2015]
  • V5.72: Improving the speed of admin page loading. [Sep 30, 2015]
  • V5.71: Killing the option to allow update checks. [Sep 26, 2015]
  • V5.70: Changes to make the plugin work on nginx and Microsoft servers. [Sep 20, 2015]
  • V5.64: Ensuring usability on touch-screen devices. [Sep 17, 2015]
  • V5.63: Reinstating the option to force the admin page loading, moving to a less colorful default theme. [Sep 14, 2015]
  • V5.62: Minor refactoring changes. [Sep 12, 2015]
  • V5.61: Adding the missing EzPlugin.php.[Sep 9, 2015]
  • V5.60: Removing WP core file loading. [Sep 4, 2015]
  • V5.52: Fixing a minor error in text-wrapping around the bottom ad. [Aug 20, 2015]
  • V5.51: Ensuring plugin admin files can be loaded in an iFrame. [Aug 19, 2015]
  • V5.50: Compatibility with WordPress 4.3. [Aug 10, 2015]
  • V5.42: Fixing the "Database Replace/Insert Error" that affected some servers. [Aug 8, 2015]
  • V5.41: Fixing a bug in mobile detection. [Aug 1, 2015]
  • V5.40: The plugin now remembers the last used tab. SQL schema change for better compatibility. Fixing a bug that may have caused the plugin not to display ads on some pages/posts. New option to control mid-text ad position in pro version. [Jul 30, 2015]
  • V5.35: Minor improvements in setup, plugin active status check and AJAX functions. [Jul 26, 2015]
  • V5.34: Minor changes in links. [Jun 25, 2015]
  • V5.33: Documentation changes only. [Jun 18, 2015]
  • V5.32: Admin page improvements. [May 22, 2015]
  • V5.31: Admin page compatibility checks and improvements. [May 12, 2015]
  • V5.30: Compatibility with WordPress 4.2. [April 25, 2015]
  • V5.23: Preparing the codebase for the release of AJAX AdSense. [April 17, 2015]
  • V5.22: Improvements in the admin dashboard. [April 14, 2015]
  • V5.21: Improvements in the admin dashboard. [April 14, 2015]
  • V5.20: Launching a demo site. [April 11, 2015]
  • V5.19: More changes in the compatibility check. [April 7, 2015]
  • V5.18: Fixing a style that may have caused the admin page not to appear on some blogs. [April 4, 2015]
  • V5.17: More compatibility checks. [April 2, 2015]
  • V5.16: Minor fixes. [Mar 27, 2015]
  • V5.15: Fixing a bug that prevented custom fields from working properly. [Mar 26, 2015]
  • V5.14: Minor bug fix on ad suppression while not in loop. [Mar 25, 2015]
  • V5.13: Adding error handling for updates. [Mar 24, 2015]
  • V5.12: Serious bug fix related to multiple passes of the content filter. Introducing a verbosity option. [Mar 22, 2015]
  • V5.11: Minor bug fixes, and adding diagnostic comments. [Mar 21, 2015]
  • V5.10: This twitter-bootstrap version of the plugin is now feature-complete. [Mar 19, 2015]
  • V5.09: Adding information about how to revert to the non-AJAX version of the plugin. [Mar 16, 2015]
  • V5.07: Documentation and usability enhancements. [Mar 13, 2015]
  • V5.06: Documentation and usability enhancements. [Mar 11, 2015]
  • V5.05: Various accumulated fixes. [Mar 10, 2015]
  • V5.04: Improvements in the login check functions. [Mar 9, 2015]
  • V5.03: Killing anonymous functions for compatibility with PHP versions older than 5.3. [Mar 8, 2015]
  • V5.02: Changes to the activation validation checks. [Mar 7, 2015]
  • V5.01: Fixing a textarea overflow issue in the plugin admin page. [Mar 6, 2016]
  • V5.00: Complete rewrite of the plugin with a lot more features. Admin page based on the twitter bootstrap framework. [Mar 1, 2015]
  • V4.60: Compatibility with WP4.1. [Jan 8, 2015]
  • V4.50: Renaming the plugin as requested by Google. [Nov 30, 2014]
  • V4.41: Minor change to the admin interface. [Sep 9, 2011]
  • V4.34: Compatibility with WP4.0. [Sep 6, 2014]
  • V4.33: Updating a few language files, minor documentation changes. [Jun 18, 2014]
  • V4.32: Updating a few language files, minor documentation changes. [Jun 18, 2014]
  • V4.31: Further refactoring and internationalization changes. [May 6, 2014]
  • V4.30: Deep refactoring changes. [Apr 18, 2014]
  • V4.20: Major changes to options handling. [Apr 12, 2014]
  • V4.00: Major changes to the design -- adding a translation interface, getting ready to change options handling. [Mar 22, 2014]
  • V3.60: Compatibility with WordPress P3.8. Admin page modifications. [Dec 18, 2013]
  • V3.40: Compatibility checks for WordPress V3.7. Translation updates. [Nov 11, 2013]
  • V3.41: Updating translations. [Aug 23, 2013]
  • V3.40: Compatibility with WP3.6. [Aug 8, 2013]
  • V3.31: Updating a few translations. Minor changes to the admin page. [Jun 10, 2013]
  • V3.30: Correcting W3C markup validation errors on the admin page. [Apr 14, 2013]
  • V3.26: Updating a few translations. [Mar 30, 2013]
  • V3.25: Updating a few translations. Minor changes to the support module. [Feb 17, 2013]
  • V3.24: Bug fixes (Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed). [Jan 27, 2013]
  • V3.23: Documentation changes, testing with WP3.5, translation updates. [Dec 22, 2012]
  • V3.22: Fixing the incompatibility with Jetpack. [Dec 17, 2012]
  • V3.21: Updating a few translations. [Dec 5, 2012]
  • V3.20: Admin interface modifications. Updating some translations. [Sep 27, 2012]
  • V3.13: Taking care of some debug notices from WordPress debug mode. Coding improvements: refactoring, minor fixes. [Aug 30, 2012]
  • V3.12: Adding nl_NL translation. [Aug 12, 2012]
  • V3.11: Minor changes to the admin page. [July 18, 2012]
  • V3.10: Testing compatibility with WP 3.4. [July 11, 2012]
  • V3.09: Updating translations. Adding some text on the admin page about rating. [June 17, 2012]
  • V3.08: Documentation and admin page changes. [May 24,2012]
  • V3.07: Renaming the plugin -- dropping the word Lite. [May 11, 2012]
  • V3.06: New option to suppress invitations to upgrade the plugin. Translation updates. [Apr 18, 2012]
  • V3.05: Updating a few translations, consolidating image resources and trimming auxiliary files. [Mar 19, 2012]
  • V3.04: Code clean up -- removing unused functions, indenting the code. Updating Korean translation (the .mo file was missing in the earlier release). Other misc minor fixes. [Nov 16, 2011]
  • V3.03: Minor bug fixes. [Nov 15, 2011]
  • V3.02: Releasing Korean translation and updating Thai translation. Admin interface changes.[Nov 12, 2011]
  • V3.01: Trimming readme.txt. [Nov 3, 2011]
  • V3.00: Initial release of the Lite version. [Nov 1, 2011]
  • V2.05: Documentation and admin-page display changes. Non-critical. [Aug 30, 2011]
  • V2.04: Bug fix. [Aug 29, 2011]
  • V2.00: Documentation changes. [July 4, 2011]
  • V1.99: Multiple translation updates and changes to default ads. Ensured compatibility with WordPress 3.2. [June 17, 2011]
  • V1.98: More translation updates and support options, and Admin interface changes. [Oct 14, 2010]
  • V1.97: Changing default and shared ads, and translation update (pt_PT). [Oct 2, 2010]
  • V1.96: Translation updates. Minor bug fixes and enhancements. [Sep 16, 2010]
  • V1.95: Documentation (FAQ) and defaults changes. [Aug 18, 2010]
  • V1.94: Performance optimization, , updating some translations, and changing the default and shared ads (to publicize the author's books and to include other providers) [Aug 12, 2010]
  • V1.92: Major revamping of default ads: The default (and shared) ads have been changed to referral images. The text boxes on the admin page now show a reminder to generate and paste your AdSense code. [June 27, 2010]
  • V1.90: Updated the Russian translation. [Apr 10, 2010]
  • V1.89: Updating many translations. [Mar 20, 2010]
  • V1.83: New and updated translations. [Dec 10, 2009]
  • V1.80: Releasing new Ukrainian and Polish, and updated Italian translations. [Sept 24, 2009]
  • V1.77: Releasing new Arabic, and updated German, French and Indonesian translations. [August 22, 2009]
  • V1.75: Compressing the defaults file. No functional improvements. [August 10, 2009]
  • V1.74: A few more translations. (English users do not need to update.) [August 5, 2009]
  • V1.64: Releasing pt_PT translation. [July 22, 2009]
  • V1.63: New translation in Russian (ru_RU). Updated translations: Portuguese (pt_BR), Simplified Chinese (zh_CN). [July 18, 2009]
  • V1.62: Attempts to fix automatic update and install issues. Improved documentation highlighting ad space sharing. Not an essential update, but any feedback will be appreciated. [July 16, 2009]
  • V1.61: Changes to streamline internationalization. (English users don't need to update.) [July 14, 2009]
  • V1.58: Admin page enhancements. Simplified Chinese translation. [July 2, 2009]
  • V1.57: Removing min-max enforcing on ad space sharing. [June 30, 2009]
  • V1.56: Fixing a typo in is_category(). [June 26, 2009]
  • V1.55: Fixing the issue with submit buttons in IE8. [June 23, 2009]
  • V1.54: Providing htmlspecialchars_decode() for compatibility with older versions of PHP. [June 23, 2009]
  • V1.53: The <div> containing the adsense code has class names set so that they can be controlled from the theme CSS. The shared ad-slots are of the same size and show only text ads now. [June 23, 2009]
  • V1.52: German translation. [June 20,2009]
  • V.151: Compatibility with WP2.8+. [June 13, 2009]
  • V1.50: Interface streamlining and improvements, minor bug fixes and configurable ad space sharing to support the plugin development. [June 12, 2009]
  • V1.37: Option to suppress adsense blocks in front/home/category/tag/archive pages. [June 6, 2009]
  • V1.35: Belarusian translation. [May 4, 2009]
  • V1.34: Turkish translation. [May 4, 2009]
  • V1.33: Added some HTML comments in the page with version number and ad block sequence number for easy trouble shooting. [May 1, 2009]
  • V1.32: More fixes to finally make the admin page totally "Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional." Also releasing translation in Bahasa Indonesia. [April 17, 2009]
  • V1.31: Minor bug fix (related to the number of ad blocks on a page). [April 13, 2009]
  • V1.30: Major overhaul of the interface. New clean look with javascript tooltips hiding details. New options to clean up the database entries and uninstall the plugin. [April 12, 2009]
  • V1.21: An option to show ads only in blog posts (and not on pages). [April 9, 2009]
  • V1.20: Internationalization, riding on the translations of Easy AdSenser. [April 4, 2009]
  • V1.11: Bug fix: the plugin wasn't gracefully handling posts with no custom fields. [March 10. 2009]
  • V1.10: Adding more control over displaying AdSense blocks in individual post. [March 8. 2009]
  • V1.01: A serious bug fix. [March 6, 2009]
  • V1.00: Initial release. [March 1, 2009]

Frequently Asked Questions

I activated the plugin, and I see a lot of red boxes on my blog posts your ads will be inserted here. How do I get rid of them?

Now! Plugin for AdSense draws a red box on your blog posts to show where the ads would be shown if you entered the ad code on its admin page. (These boxes are shown only if you are logged in as admin.) This is meant to serve as a reminder for you to go to the admin page and enter the ad code. If you would like to suppress them, check the option "Suppress Placement Boxes" in the Pro section. The right thing to do, however, would be to enter your ad codes in the text boxes for each ad slot, or suppress the ad slot in the Ad Alignment panel.

What are the different versions of the plugin?

Now! Plugin for AdSense is the freely distributed version of a premium plugin. The Pro version gives you more benefits -- lets you activate a filter to ensure that your ads show only on those pages that seem to comply with Google AdSense policies. It also lets you specify a list of computers where your ads will not be shown, in order to prevent accidental clicks on your own ads -- one of the main reasons AdSense bans you. These features will minimize your chance of getting banned. It also has full support of mobile devices, and supports per category and per post ad suppression. The Pro version costs $6.95.

I don't understand the Pro features. Porn and site block - can't you set those during Asdense ad setup?

What you have in AdSense is an ability to block ads from certain sites. For instance, if you don't like ads from my site "", you can block them. What the pro version gives you is the ability to block ads to certain clients. That is, if you don't want visitors from certain IP addresses see your ads (because they may click on too many of them, getting your AdSense account banned, for instance), you can with my plugin.

Porn block also is similar -- Google lets you choose non-porn ads (I think). What my plugin does is to look at the content of your page, and block ads if it looks like a porn page. (This can happen if a spammer posts a porn kind of comment on your blog, which again may get your AdSense account banned.)

How can I contact the plugin author if I need help?

This plugin uses a paid support model in order to manage the support load. Each support ticket will be charged at $0.95 for the Lite version (and for the Pro version after a short free support period). The support ticket is valid for 72 hours, and further follow-up questions will call for a new support ticket.

How can I control the appearance of the adsense blocks using CSS?

All <div>s that Now! Plugin for AdSense creates have the class attribute adsense. Furthermore, they have attributes like adsense-leadin, adsense-midtext and adsense-leadout depending on the type. You can set the style for these classes in your theme style.css to control their appearance.

Why another AdSense plugin?

The other plugin I have published, Easy AdSense, does everything that Now! Plugin for AdSense does and more. But in doing so, Easy AdSense has become an All-in-One AdSense plugin, and not "Easy" any more. I wanted to go back to the basics and provide a simple plugin to get our fellow bloggers started on AdSense.

I like its simplicity, but Now! Plugin for AdSense doesn't have all the features I need. Can you add this and that feature?

If you think Now! Plugin for AdSense is too lean and mean for your taste, try my full-fledged, feature-rich plugin Easy AdSense. I plan to keep Now! Plugin for AdSense simple.

I just activated the plugin. How come I don't see any ads in my blog?

Note that you have to generate your adsense code from Google, and paste the entire code in the text box, replacing the existing text. Changing the publisher id alone is not good enough.

If you just created the new Google AdSense code, it may not be active yet. Google takes about ten minutes or so before serving ads. Please try again later.

Can I control how the adsense blocks are formatted in each page?

Yes! Now, in V1.1+, you have more options (using Custom Fields) to control adsense blocks in individual posts/pages. Add custom fields with keys like adsense-top, adsense-middle, adsense-bottom, adsense-widget, adsense-search and with values like left, right, center or no to have control how the Google adsense blocks show up in each post or page. A Custom Field adsense with value no suppresses all AdSense ad blocks in the post or page.

How do I use shortcodes?

In the Pro version of this plugin, you can control the ad placements using the shortcode [adsense] in your blog posts and pages. If you would like to place your ads using shortcodes, please enable it on the Pro page.

By default, only those ads specified by the shortcode will be displayed (when shortcodes are enabled). You can specify how the plugin handles shortcode priority using a drop-down menu. You have these choices:

  • Do auto placements if shortcode is missing
  • Do not place any ads if shortcode is missing
  • Always ignore shortcodes and do only auto placement
  • Do not place any ads in posts/pages

The last option effectively disables the plugin for the body of posts and pages.

How do I report a bug or ask a question?

Please report any problems, and share your thoughts and comments at the plugin forum at WordPress Or contact me.

If you have a question or comment about the Pro version, please do not use the forum hosted at, but contact the plugin author using our support portal.

Can I go back to the previous version of the plugin? I don't like the modern bootstrap/AJAX interface.

You can download the previous version and install it. First deactivate and delete the latest version of the plugin, and then follow the Uploading method under the Installation section of this document. The new version uses an completely different options model, and your old options are left intact in your database, so that you can go back anytime.

Why do I get error message saying something about direct access to plugin files?

This plugin admin interface is designed with a loosely coupled architecture, which means it interacts with the WordPress core only for certain essential services (login check, plugin activation status, database access etc). Loosely coupled systems tend to be more robust and flexible than tightly integrated ones because they make fewer assumptions about each other. My plugin admin pages are fairly independent, and do not pollute the global scope or leak the style directives or JavaScript functions. In order to achieve this, they are loaded in iFrames within the WordPress admin interface.

Your web server needs direct access to the plugin files to load anything in an iFrame. Some aggressive security settings block this kind of access, usually through an .htaccess file in your wp-content or plugins folders, which is why this plugin gives a corresponding error message if it detects inability to access the files (checked through a file_get_contents call on a plugin file URL). But some systems implement further blocks specifically on file_get_contents or on iFrames with specific styles (using mod_securty rules, for instance), which is why the plugin provides a means to override this auto-detection and force the admin page.

Is the direct access to plugin files a security hole?

Note that it is only your own webserver that needs direct access to the PHP files. The reason for preventing such access is that a hacker might be able to upload a malicious PHP (or other executable script) to your web host, which your webserver will run if asked to. Such a concern is valid only on systems where you explicitly permit unchecked file uploads. For instance, if anyone can upload any file to your media folder, and your media folder is not protected against direct access and script execution, you have given the potential hacker an attack vector. This plugin has no upload facility, so allowing your webserver to serve the plugin admin files in an iFrame is completely safe, in my judgement.

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