Blackjack is a quick and easy plugin to present an attractive Blackjack game to your readers. It is based on HTML5/jQuery, and the whole game is played on your reader's browser. Your server is gets no extra load, nor is anything stored in your database.

See a live demo.


  1. No setup required.
  2. Just insert a shortcode on any post/page to present an attractive Blackjack game.
  3. Works without any additional server load -- all the work is done on your readers' machine.
  4. Detailed help on the admin page.
  5. Internationalized admin page.
  6. Properly scoped style sheet.

Pro Version

A pro version of this plugin is available with the following added features:

  1. Fancier colors and borders.
  2. Sticky bet -- the game remembers your bets.
  3. More accurate bets and payouts -- A hand cannot be dealt without placing a bet, 3 to 2 payout on Blackjack.
  4. Strategy hints on each hand, to teach your reader how to play the game.
  5. Other features related to simulation, winnings accumulation etc. that you can sell to your readers to make extra revenue (Work in Progress).
  6. In-app purchase of chips with configurable pricing (Work in Progress).



The easiest way to install this plugin is to use the WordPress Admin interface. Go to your admin dashboard, find the "Plugins" menu, and click on "Add New". Search for this plugin and click on "Install Now" and follow the WordPress instructions.


If you want to download it and manually install, you can again use the WordPress dashboard interface. First download the plugin zip file to your local computer. Then go to your admin dashboard, find the "Plugins" menu, and click on "Add New". After clicking on the "Add New" menu item as above, click on "Upload" (below the title "Install Plugins" near the top). Browse for your downloaded zip file, upload it and activate the plugin.


  1. Upload the Blackjack plugin (the whole blackjack folder) to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in your blog.

To use the plugin, use the shortcode [blackjack]. If you want to provide a custom title, enclose it in between [blackjack][/blackjack] tags on a page.

To install the professional version of the plugin, please deactivage the Lite version (if any) first. Then upload the zip file that you download after your purchase using the WordPress admin interface shown below.


The plugin is updated also by following the same process, preferably from the plugin Admin page where you will see a file-upload form when an update is ready. The first update for your purchased plugin is always free.


  1. Blackjack Game in the lite version.  Screenshot [blackjack] 1
  2. Blackjack Game in the Pro version.  Screenshot [blackjack] 2

Change Log

  • V1.90: Compatibility with WP4.8. Sunset edition. [Aug 1, 2017]
  • V1.80: Compatibility with WordPress 4.5. [May 12, 2015]
  • V1.71: Minor interface and documentation changes. [Feb 25, 2016]
  • V1.70: Deprecating translation interface in favor of Google translation. [Feb 23, 2016]
  • V1.60: Compatibility with WordPress 4.4. [Dec 5, 2015]
  • V1.55: Scoping the blackjack CSS to a div. [Nov 29, 2015]
  • V1.54: Refactoring changes. [Nov 7, 2015]
  • V1.53: Enhancements in the admin interface. [Oct 17, 2015]
  • V1.52: Minor documentation changes. [Sep 13, 2015]
  • V1.51: Changes to fix HTML5 validation errors. [Sep 9, 2015]
  • V1.50: Compatibility with WordPress 4.3. [Aug 10, 2015]
  • V1.41: Compatibility with WordPress 4.2. [April 25, 2015]
  • V1.31: Documentation changes. [April 11, 2015]
  • V1.30: Adding more checks on player going broke in the pro version. Admin page improvements. [Mar 30, 2015]
  • V1.20: Compatibility with WP4.1. [Jan 8, 2015]
  • V1.11: Minor change to the admin interface. [Sep 9, 2011]
  • V1.10: Langauge updates. Compatibility with WP4.0. [Sep 6, 2014]
  • V1.04: Documentation changes only. [May 14, 2014]
  • V1.03: Minor CSS fixes. [May 8, 2013]
  • V1.02: Adding another screenshot. [May 8, 2014]
  • V1.01: Minor fixes and documentation changes. [May 7, 2014]
  • V1.00: Initial release. [Apr 20, 2014]

Frequently Asked Questions

What about double-downs, splits, even-hands etc?

These rules are not implemented yet. They will be included in later versions (or the Pro version) if there is enough interest in this plugin.

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