Analytics SME

Analytics SME

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted anything on Unreal Blog. This short hiatus in my posting activity was for a good cause. I just launched a new company called Analytics SME.

Analytics SME

What is Analytics?

If you are a business owner, you are often frustrated that you know you have information, but cannot make use of it in a timely fashion to drive productivity or profitability. You have unused information hidden in your point of sale software, procurement and human resource systems, spreadsheets, bank statements etc. The key to unleashing the power of information is in data integration and analytics, which can convert isolated data points into key drivers in business decisions. Analytics SME is here to provide advanced statistical and mathematical tools to re-invent your business.

  • Procurement Optimization: Minimize storage costs and dead goods by understanding how much to procure and from which supplier using historic data.
  • Demand prediction: Anticipate seasonal spikes in customer demand, and popularity of particular products.
  • Cashflow Analysis: Avoid surprises by understanding your cashflow patterns.
  • Expansion and Change Management: Identify and manage expansion opportunities.
  • Pricing Sweet Spots: Come up with pricing strategies to optimize profitability.
  • Impact and Scenario Analysis: Use stress-test tools to understand the impact of potential scenarios on your business.

Our mission is to help level the playing field for SMEs by providing advanced analytics solutions that heir bigger MNC competitions with deep pockets use. We develop bespoke analytics tools based on your needs.

Why Process Automation or Reengineering?

Technology is not just a web page or an e-commerce portal. Nor is it social media drives. Go beyond these fads and use bespoke tools to reengineer your business processes. In Singapore, with the current manpower crunch, it is crucial to free up your scarce human resource to handle front-end, customer-facing tasks. Analytics SME can help.

  • Process Flow Management: Do you still manage special orders and services using ancient paper trails? Still generate staff task lists by hand? Stop! Use highly efficient and customized process management solutions. It is cheaper and easier than you think.
  • Customer Notifications: Automate customer notifications using SMS and self-service portals just like big banks do.
  • Data Integration: Integrate information fragmented over multiple isolated systems, and generate business insights.
  • Process Reengineering: Improve productivity by reengineering your processes with the help of tailor-made technology solutions.
  • Manpower Optimization: Technology can help minimize your dependence on your precious manpower, freeing your staff to attend to vital, customer-facing roles.

Other Services

Most SMEs limit their technology usage to their web presence, social media campaigns and point of sale applications. Some go beyond and implement customer relations management and loyalty programs. They do not have the resources to take advantage of the wealth of data they hold in their databases. We can look at the kind of information that lies dormant in your systems and suggest innovative means to develop specific strategies and customized techniques to harness its power.

We will show you what is out there, and what is possible. We will take on tasks that distract you from your daily business and core competency. In today’s world, your business cannot survive without technology, which drives everything from invoice printing to full-fledged CRMs. But you may not have the time or resources to maintain an in-house technology team. We will gladly take it off your hands.

Whether it is for your specific projects, continued support or staff training, we can provide you with on-demand expertise. In Singapore, such innovations are proactively encouraged by the government. Furthermore, technology can minimize your dependence on your precious manpower, freeing your staff to attend to vital, customer-facing roles.