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Ethics In Business and Leadership

Prof. Surya Sethi gave this speech at the World Forum for Ethics in Business – International Leadership Symposium
Monday, April 2, 2012 in Singapore. Passionate and eloquent, this speech details some of the shocking truths about the world we live in. A learned expose on the many topics I have tried to bring to my readers, this speech is reproduced on the Unreal Blog with the kind permission of the speaker. Continue reading

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Human Virus

A frank, but strange, look at global warming. Are we a virus on the earth? And is the global warming a bout of fever? Published in the Singaporean newspaper, Today, on 1 Dec 2008.

[...] The end result of a viral infection is always gloomy. Either the host succumbs or the virus gets beaten by the host’s immune systems. If we are the virus, both these eventualities are unpalatable. We don’t want to kill the Earth. And we certainly don’t want to be exterminated by the Earth. But those are the only possible outcomes of our viral-like activity here. It is unlikely that we will get exterminated; we are far too sophisticated for that. In all likelihood, we will make our planet uninhabitable. We may, by then, have our technological means of migrating to other planetary systems. In other words, if we are lucky, we may be contagious! [...] Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Here’s wishing you a Happy 2010… May your resolutions hold up longer than those of the years past. And may you find peace, happiness, good health and prosperity. Continue reading

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Evolution–Inverted Logic

Evolution is one of those funny things — since we are its end products, our thought processes are not quite big enough to grasp all its implications. At least, not right away. Here is a look at what logic means, and what beauty means in terms of evolution. Continue reading

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The Asian Tsunami two and a half years ago unleashed tremendous amount energy on the coastal regions around the Indian ocean. What do you think would’ve have happened to this energy if there had been no water to carry it away from the earthquake? Continue reading

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