Internal and External Successes

How to be Successful in Life

成功可以是内部的或外部的,,en,外部成功很容易用金钱和财产来衡量,,en,内部的衡量标准以较少的标准为准,,en,像幸福,,en,安心等,,en,外部的成功与外向的品质有关,,en,像发音一样,,en,并取决于别人对你的看法,,en,内部一,,en,取决于您对自己的看法,,en,它由职责之类的东西组成,,en,荣誉等,,es,混淆彼此会导致误解,例如用幸福来识别金钱,,en,你需要一个,,en,但它们绝对不一样,,en,当我谈论成功的层面时,,en,我将“维度”一词用于别有用心,,en,我想以正式的方式为您定义成功,,en,具有多个维度的实体是一个空间,,en. External success is easily measured in terms of money and material possessions. The internal one is measured in terms of less palpable yardsticks, like happiness, peace of mind etc. External success is related to extrovert qualities, like articulation, and depends on what others think of you. The internal one, on the other hand, depends on what you think of yourself. It is made up of things like duty, honor etc. Confusing one with the other leads to misconceptions like identifying money with happiness, for instance. You need one for the other, but they are definitely not the same.

The height of extroversion are the social medial networks like Facebook. Paradoxically, they are also an introvert’s desperate attempt at being an extrovert, but that’s another story. I think people’s success in life shines more through Facebook than anything else these days. It even leads to something similar to Facebook envy, as BBC recently reported. The report said something about people feeling left out because they see their friends having a grand time all the time. They then feel as though life is passing them by.

There is a flip side to this Facebook-evny phenomenon. You can try to generate as much envy as possible by posting your photos in fabulous locations, having wall-to-wall fun. If that doesn’t project an aura of external success, what does?

I should admit — I’m guilty of this Facebook bragging. I once posted a photo of mine with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and I even remember asking my daughter to be sure to catch the tower in the background. I guess in today’s day and age, you do need a bit of external success as well. The internal one by itself doesn’t quite cut it.