To all the MBA and Economics types out there, I have one simple question. For some of us to be wealthy, is it necessary to keep some others poor?

I asked an economists (というより, an economics major) this question. I don’t quite remember her answer. It was a long time ago, and it was a party. 私は酔っていたかもしれ,,en,私は彼女が孤立した島でアイスクリーム工場について何かを言って覚えていますか,,en,私は答えは私たちのすべてが同時に豊かに得ることができるということだったと思います,,en,しかし、私は今、疑問に思います,,en,不平等は、現代の経済の特徴となっています,,en,それは同様に古代の国の特徴だったかもしれ,,en,私たちは、おそらく任意のより良いことがありませんでした,,en,しかし、現代のグローバル化は不平等で私たちの各はるかに加担してきました,,en,私は私の貯金や退職金口座に入れてすべてのドルはどこかにいくつかの巨大な金融取引で終わります,,en,回でさえへの追加,,en,食糧不足,,en,私はガスポンプや光をオンにするたびに,,en,私たちは私たちの周りを参照残酷な不平等にビットを追加します,,en,大企業は、これらの日悪役として浮上しています,,en. I do remember her saying something about an ice cream factory in an isolated island. I guess the answer was that all of us could get richer at the same time. But I wonder now…

Inequality has become a feature of modern economy. May be it was a feature of ancient economies as well, and we probably never had it any better. But modern globalization has made each of us much more complicit in the inequality. Every dollar I put in my savings or retirement account ends up in some huge financial transaction somewhere, at times even adding to the food scarcity. Every time I pump gas or turn on a light, I add a bit to the cruel inequality we see around us.

Somehow, big corporations are emerging as the villains these days. これは、企業のメガマシン内のすべての小さなコグ顧客への利害関係者から不思議です,,en,潔白まともな人々のように見えます,,en,おそらく、魂,,en,企業が自分の命を取られ、彼らが繁栄するように見える厳しい不等式の面で肉の彼らのポンドを要求し始めたし、我々が一緒に暮らすことを余儀なくされてきている顔のないエンティティ,,en,少なくとも、これらは、私は、高エネルギービスケットのわずかな助けるため警棒や石の壁を勇敢に立ち向かう小さな衰弱コンゴ人の子供たちの悲痛なシーンを見ていた私の考えでした,,en,私のエアコンに座っ,,en,その悲劇的な窮状上で、私の正義の怒りを表明,,en,私は彼らの不幸の無邪気なアム,,en,エコノミスト,,en,肉のポンド,,en,悲劇的な窮状,,en,ロジック,,fr,ブログすることが私のフランス語redactionsの最後,,en (あなたと私) seem blameless decent folks. Perhaps the soulless, faceless entities that corporations are have taken a life of their own and started demanding their pound of flesh in terms of the grim inequalities that they seem to thrive on and we are forced to live with.

At least these were my thoughts when I was watching heartrending scenes of tiny emaciated Congolese children braving batons and stone walls for a paltry helping of high energy biscuits. Sitting in my air-conditioned room, voicing my righteous rage over their tragic plight, 私は疑問に思う… Am I innocent of their misfortunes? Are you?


One thought on “An Economics Question

  1. ハローManojさん, Can two individuals think almost the same way and have also the same favourite themes? とにかく, the articles you wrote on ‘The contraints of perception and cognition’ contained many ideas that I had myself discovered a few years back and had noted down (マラヤーラム語で, as there was a particular friend of mine who eagerly read them preferably in that tongue). And now you touch upon another topic that lies close to my heart. My conviction is that there should be developed the need for a public consent on placing an acceptable and reasonble limit to the amount of wealth any single person or a company can acquire. The rest should be given away for the less advantaged and of course without force. That’s just one way to reduce the wide and ever increasing chasm between the rich and the poor. Regards, ザックNeduncanal.