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When Your Child is as Big as You

My mom used to say that when your child is as big as you, you have to treat them with respect. What she actually said was that you had to address them using a respectful form of “Вы,” which doesn’t make any sense in English, but may work in Hindi or French. It worked poetically well in Malayalam. I was reminded of this maternal pearl of wisdom recently when I was watching a movie with my son.

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Life is full of contradictions.

I am attending a research retreat on mindfulness and contemplative practices at the beautiful Garrison Institute. I am learning a lot of interesting things, and meeting a lot of like-minded and excellent people – the kind of people with whom I could have deep conversation about the unreal nature of reality, unlike most people from other walks of life would politely and tactfully excuse themselves when I get a bit unreal.

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Twilight Years

At some point in our life, we come to accept the fact we are closer to death than life. What lies ahead is definitely less significant than what is left behind. These are the twilight years, and I have come to accept them. With darkness descending over the horizons, and the long shadows of misspent years and evaded human conditions slithering all around me, I peer into the void, into an eternity of silence and dreamlessness. Это almost time.

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Краткое повторение современной физики

Так как пост серии на частицы и взаимодействия стали немного больше, чем я хотел, Я думал, что разбить его. Давайте начнем с резюме современной физики, которые вам нужно будет понять структуру материи.

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Interpretation of Special Relativity

When we looked at Quantum Mechanics, we talked about its various interpretations. The reason we have such interpretations, I said, is that QM deals with a reality that we have no access to, through our sensory and perceptual apparatuses. С другой стороны, Special Relativity is about macro objects in motion, and we have no problem imagining such things. So why would we need to have an interpretation? The answer is a subtle one.
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Скорость света

The speed of light being a constant sounds like a simple statement. But there is more to it, quite a bit more. Let’s look at what this constancy really means. На первый взгляд, it says that if you are standing somewhere, and there is a ray of light going from your right to left, it has a speed с. And another ray of light going from left to right also has a speed с. Пока, so good. Now let’s say you are in a rocket ship, как показано на рисунке ниже, moving from right to left.

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Специальная теория относительности

Когда мы слышим о Эйнштейна и специальной теории относительности (или специальная теория относительности, использовать реальное имя), мы думаем о знаменитой E = mc^2 уравнение, и странные вещи, как парадокса близнецов. В то время как эти вещи все верно и важно, проблема SR пытается решить это совершенно иная. Это попытка защитить основной принцип в физике.
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Quantum Mechanics – Interpretations

Whenever we talk about Quantum Mechanics, one of the first questions would be, “What about the cat?” This question, действительно, is about the interpretations of Quantum Mechanics. The standard interpretation, так называемый копенгагенской интерпретацией, leads to the famous Schrodinger’s cat.
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Quantum Field Theory

In this post on Quantum Mechanics (QM), we will go a bit beyond it and touch upon Quantum Field Theory – the way it is used in particle physics. In the last couple of posts, I outlined a philosophical introduction to QM, as well as its historical origin – how it came about as an ad-hoc explanation of the blackbody radiation, and a brilliant description of the photoelectric effect.
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