2014 Fashion Show by Kavita

Style Trendsetters – a Fashion Blog

Style Trendsetters is a new blog that I started recently to showcase fashion tips and views by Kavita Thulasidas, who enjoys a celebrity status in the fashion circles in Singapore and India. The name “Style Trendsetters” comes from the tag line of Kavita’s extremely popular fashion boutique, Stylemart. They are considered the trendsetters of Indian fashion in Singapore.

Style Trendsetters

Although started only a month ago, Style Trendsetters already has a readership rivaling Unreal Blog, which has been around for ages. I guess what they told me was true — you have to focus on one niche topic to do well in blogging. But I have never been big on conventional wisdom (or why would I keep insisting that reality is unreal?) So Unreal Blog is going to stay defocused to the max, as opposed to Kavita’s blog, which will be fiercely focused on fashion and style. Besides, Kavita has a light tone in her writing, encouraging reader engagement, while my tone in Unreal Blog is anything but. Even my humor is of a serious kind. I wonder if I’m a bit pretentious. Apart from the linguistic qualities, Kavita is an undisputed authority in her field of high fashion, while I tend to dabble in far too many things. Much like my blog, in fact. I guess our blogs reflect our personalities.

Do visit Style Trendsetters, especially if you are interested in fashion, models and catwalk, and leave a note.