If Time Died Now, I Would Be Happy

I dream strange dreams. Thankfully, I don’t usually remember them. But at times, I do remember some, and they provide a lot of entertainment. One recent dream was of a TV interview, going on in a mall. The person being interviewed was a stranger, as the protagonists of my dreams tend to be. This guy was middle-eastern, either Iraqi or Iranian, and was talking about a kid who he was about to adopt. The kid turned out to be a child prodigy, and was flying away somewhere for specialized training. The interviewee, though a bit sad, was philosophical about it. At that moment, there was a background song in the mall that went like, “If time died now, I would be happy.” And the man says, “Yes, that is the way I feel!”

I remember feeling, in my dream, “Yeah, right! The right song just happened to be playing!” Way too skeptical even in my dreams. Not to mention that there is not such song (as far as I know). If you think this dream is weird, I once dreamed up an unknown (and non-existent) word while reading a book. I even tried looking up the word when I woke up, but in vain, of course.

One of my top dreams was when I was invited to the White House by President Bush (junior) right after his inauguration. As I stepped into what appeared to be a decent sized living room, the President was walking down a flight of stairs. And he asked me, “So. Do you still think I’m dumb?” Now, how did he know how I felt?

Coming back to my time-dying dream, there is something else that is a bit weird. I mean, one would normally say, “If I died now, I would die a happy man” or something to that effect. Why would “time” die? Is it my secret conviction that when one dies, one’s “time” also dies? That there is no common, universal time, but only our own, individual, personal times? Perhaps. I’m not talking about Newton’s universal times vs. Einstein’s relative time. There is something philosophical here that is just beyond my grasp. Like a name at the tip of your tongue. These are deep waters, and I really need to learn more. Back to school, some day…

The fanciest of my dreams? I was James Bond once. Complete with a bicycle that turned into a wooden canoe when I hit the local beach.


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