Neil and Me

When Your Child is as Big as You

Mia madre diceva che quando il bambino è grande come te,,en,bisogna trattarli con rispetto,,en,Che cosa le ha detto in realtà era che si doveva affrontare utilizzando una forma rispettosa della,,en,che non ha alcun senso in inglese,,en,ma può funzionare in Hindi o francese,,en,Ha funzionato bene poeticamente in Malayalam,,en,Mi sono ricordato di questa perla di saggezza materna di recente, quando stavo guardando un film con mio figlio,,en, you have to treat them with respect. What she actually said was that you had to address them using a respectful form of “te,” which doesn’t make any sense in English, but may work in Hindi or French. It worked poetically well in Malayalam. I was reminded of this maternal pearl of wisdom recently when I was watching a movie with my son.

The protagonist in the movie, who felt like a human punching bag, was feeling low and getting drunk in a bar. And then he gets snubbed by a stranger, and walks away muttering something like, “Do I have an Everlast sign pasted on my forehead?”

My son, accurately guessing that I wouldn’t have gotten the reference, explained to me that Everlast was a boxing brand, and that they had punching bags with the name prominently painted on them. He had seen them in his Muay Thai gym. I remembered then that this was exactly the kind of tidbit that I would have loved to share with mio padre, while watching a movie or a tennis match or whatever. The wheel had come full circle. Almost.

Dico “almostbecause I also remembered a time when the references would become just too many to share, and the sons would turn quiet. In the next five or so short years, I can imagine that my son will also find it overwhelming to keep explaining every little reference that flies past me. He also will turn more and more silent. While dreading that inevitable age of silence, I enjoy this moment for now, when his repertoire of interesting tidbits has grown beyond mine. And remember some other things that I wrote a while ago, in a moment of melancholy inspiration.

La radio Sony gioca sul, impermeabile a queste riflessioni tristi, con giovani voci felici spenderanno canti e scherzi a beneficio di una nuova generazione di pendolari yuppie pieni di gusto e desiderio di conquistare un mondo. Little do they know — it was all conquered many times over during the summers of yester years with the same gusto and passion. Le vecchie avanguardie farsi da parte volontariamente e fare spazio per i bambini di nuove estati.

La nuova generazione ha gusti diversi. Essi ronzano a diverse iTunes sul proprio iPod. Questo bellissimo ricevitore radio, con la maggior parte di esso diciassette bande a onde corte dispari ora tace, è probabilmente l'ultimo del suo genere. La musica e scherzi della prossima generazione sono cambiate. I loro capelli-do e gli stili sono cambiati. Ma i nuovi attivisti in carica con gli stessi sogni di gloria come quelli prima di loro. La loro è lo stesso gusto. Stessa passione.