Writer’s Block

I was suffering from a prolonged writer’s block, and was away from my blog for almost four months — probably the longest hiatus in my writing career. When a writer is lazy, it is writer’s block. When a normal person is lazy, he is just lazy.

Although I didn’t write during the last few months, I wasn’t lazy. I was working on a few plugins and web applications during this time. Such work always starts off small, but ends up taking up an inordinate amount of time, as most programmers know. But it was fun, learning the relatively new techniques of the twitter-bootstrap framework and responsive design. I called it “relatively new” because in the fast moving world of the web, nothing stays new for long. In fact, some of my clients have already started calling my designs dated. What can I say, I myself am a bit dated these days…

Another reason for staying away from blogging is the fact that this Unreal Blog was becoming far too diverse, not focused at all in its theme. So I am starting up two new blogs – WP+ for WordPress, plugin development and blogging related subjects, and Ads EZ for e-commerce, advertising and other web related applications. Unreal Blog will focus mainly on physics and philosophy, with occasional forays into conspiracy theories and such.

That brings me back to the theme of this blog. Just before I decided to maintain radio silence, I had two streams of posts, one on 911 Conspiracy Theories and the other on the Existence of God. In the coming days, I will wrap up these two topics, and move on to something lighter. Or, something more philosophical. And Unreal.

Photo by FindYourSearch cc