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Internal and External Successes

Erfolg kann intern oder extern sein,,en,Der externe Erfolg lässt sich leicht an Geld und materiellem Besitz messen,,en,Der interne wird anhand weniger greifbarer Maßstäbe gemessen,,en,wie Glück,,en,Seelenfrieden usw.,,en,Externer Erfolg hängt mit extrovertierten Qualitäten zusammen,,en,wie Artikulation,,en,und hängt davon ab, was andere über dich denken,,en,Der interne,,en,hängt davon ab, was Sie von sich denken,,en,Es besteht aus Dingen wie Pflicht,,en,Ehre usw.,,es,Die Verwechslung führt zu Missverständnissen wie der Identifizierung von Geld mit Glück,,en,Du brauchst eins für das andere,,en,aber sie sind definitiv nicht gleich,,en,Der Höhepunkt der Extroversion sind die sozialen medialen Netzwerke wie Facebook,,en,Paradoxerweise,,en,Sie sind auch der verzweifelte Versuch eines Introvertierten, extrovertiert zu sein,,en,Aber das ist eine andere Geschichte,,en. External success is easily measured in terms of money and material possessions. The internal one is measured in terms of less palpable yardsticks, like happiness, peace of mind etc. External success is related to extrovert qualities, like articulation, and depends on what others think of you. The internal one, on the other hand, depends on what you think of yourself. It is made up of things like duty, honor etc. Confusing one with the other leads to misconceptions like identifying money with happiness, for instance. You need one for the other, but they are definitely not the same.

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How to be Successful in Life?

When I talked about the dimensions of success, I used the word dimension with an ulterior motive. I want to define success for you in a formal way. You see, an entity that has many dimensions is a space, similar to the three dimensional space we live in. When we have such a complex multi-dimensional space to define success in, we have to apply some good techniques from physics to do it right. Don’t worry, i am here to help.

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Dimensions of Success

Money is only one dimension along which success can be defined. There are many others, such as sports, music, art, acting, politics, professions and even more abstract things like articulation, soft skills, philanthropy, wisdom, knowledge etc. Excellence in any one of them can be thought of us success. Success is easy to spot — look at any one of the celebrities and ask yourself why you know them. The answer is usually one of the dimensions of success — and fame its byproduct.

Excellence in any field can translate to money, which is what Eddie Felson in the Color of Money tells the younger pool player. This transformability often leads us to mistake money for the measure success, which, by the way, is the theme of the afore-mentioned movie. Towards the end of the movie, when Felson realizes that there is more to life than money, he says, “I just want your best game.” Ability to hang with the best game anybody can dish out in any field is excellence; and it has to be reckoned as success. This excellence is probably what the ancient Greeks called arete.

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Definition of Success

We all want to be successful in life. What does success mean to us? Because success is goal in life, when it is not achieved, we get disappointed. We are then, to be blunt, unsuccessful. But the word success can hold anything within. So if you we don’t know what success is, disappointment is inevitable. We really do need to define it.

Let’s go through a few common definitions of success and see if we can draw any conclusions from it. By the end of this series of posts, I hope to give you a good definition that will make you successful in life. What more can you ask of a blog?

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