标记档案: perception of space

What Does it Feel Like to be a Bat?

It is a sensible question: What does it feel like to be a bat? Although we can never really know the answer (because we can never be bats), we know that there is an answer. It feels like something to be a bat. 好, at least we think it does. We think bats have 意识 and conscious feelings. 另一方面, it is not a sensible question to ask what it feels like to be brick or a table. It doesn’t feel like anything to be an inanimate object.



What is so special about light that its speed should figure in the basic structure of space and time and our reality? 这是一个已经唠叨许多科学家自从爱因斯坦发表论动体有关的电动力学问题 100 几年前.

为了了解光的特殊性在我们的空间和时间, 我们需要研究我们如何看待我们周围的世界和现实如何在我们的大脑中创建. 我们用我们的感官感知我们的世界. 感官信号,我们的感官收集,然后传递到我们的大脑. The brain creates a cognitive model, a representation of the sensory inputs, and presents it to our conscious awareness as reality. 我们的视觉现实是由空间很像我们的听觉世界是由声音.

正如声音是一个感性经验,而不是物理现实的基本属性, space also is an experience, or a cognitive representation of the visual inputs, not a fundamental aspect of “世界” 我们的感官正试图检测.

Space and time together form what physics considers the basis of reality. 我们可以理解在我们的现实的限制,唯一的办法就是通过研究我们的感官本身的局限性.

At a fundamental level, how do our senses work? Our sense of sight operates using light, and the fundamental interaction involved in sight falls in the electromagnetic (EM) category because light (or photon) is the intermediary of EM interactions. EM相互作用的排他性不限于视线我们的远程感; 所有的短距离感 (touch, taste, smell and hearing) are also EM in nature. To understand the limitations of our perception of space, we need not highlight the EM nature of all our senses. Space is, 大体上, the result of our sight sense. But it is worthwhile to keep in mind that we would have no sensing, and indeed no reality, in the absence of EM interactions.

Like our senses, all our technological extensions to our senses (such as radio telescopes, electron microscopes, 红移测量,甚至引力透镜效应) use EM interactions exclusively to measure our universe. 因此,, we cannot escape the basic constraints of our perception even when we use modern instruments. The Hubble telescope may see a billion light years farther than our naked eyes, but what it sees is still a billion years older than what our eyes see. 我们感知的现实, whether built upon direct sensory inputs or technologically enhanced, 是电磁颗粒和相互作用的子集仅. 它是电磁颗粒和相互作用的投影到我们的感官和认知空间, 一个可能是不完美的投影.

这种说法对电磁相互作用,我们认为现实中的排他性往往是遇到了一点怀疑, 主要是由于误解,认为我们可以直接感受到的重力. This confusion arises because our bodies are subject to gravity. There is a fine distinction between “being subject to” 和 “being able to sense” gravitational force.

这种差别是由一个简单的思想实验示: 想象一下,一个人的主体放置在对象面前的宇宙暗物质完全由. 有没有其他可见物质的任何位置的主体可以看到它. 鉴于暗物质施加引力的主题, 他是否能够感知它的存在? 他将朝着它拉, 但他怎么会知道,他是被拉到或者说,他正在? 他都不可能设计一些机械玩意儿探测暗物质物体的重力. 但随后他将重力感应的作用,对使用电磁相互作用的一些事. 例如, 他也许能看到他的不明原因的加速 (重力对他的身体影响, 这是EM事) 相对于参考的对象,如星. 但这里的传感部分 (看到明星) 涉及电磁相互作用.

它是不可能设计任何机械精巧检测重力是缺乏的EM物质. 重力感应再次在我们耳边测量重力对EM问题的影响. In the absence of EM interaction, it is impossible to sense gravity, or anything else for that matter.

电磁相互作用负责我们的感觉输入. 感官知觉导致了我们所说的现实,我们的大脑的代表性. 任何限制,在这条产业链会导致相应的限制,在我们的现实感. 从感官到实际链中的一个限制是光子的有限速度, which is the gauge boson of our senses. The finite speed of the sense modality influences and distorts our perception of motion, 空间和时间. Because these distortions are perceived as a part of our reality itself, the root cause of the distortion becomes a fundamental property of our reality. 这是怎样的光的速度变得如此重要的恒定在我们的空间时间. 光的神圣的尊重只是我们感知的现实.

如果我们相信不完善的看法,并尝试来形容我们感觉到在宇宙尺度, 我们最终的世界观,如大爆炸理论在现代宇宙学和一般和相对论的特殊理论. 这些理论都没有错, 而这本书的目的不是要证明他们是错的, 刚指出,他们是一个感知的现实的描述. 他们没有说明背后的感觉输入的身体的原因. 物理原因属于超出了我们的感觉是绝对的现实.

绝对的现实,我们的看法它之间的区别,可以进一步开发和应用,以一定的 具体天体物理宇宙现象. 当涉及到这种情况远远超出了我们的感官范围的物理, we really have to take into account the role that our perception and cognition play in seeing them. 正如我们所看到的宇宙只是创造出落在我们的视网膜上或在哈勃太空望远镜的光传感器的光子的认知模式. Because of the finite speed of the information carrier (namely photons), our perception is distorted in such a way as to give us the impression that space and time obey special relativity. They do, but space and time are not the absolute reality. 它们的仅一部分 虚幻宇宙 这是我们的看法是不可知的现实.

[这又是我那本书的编辑摘录, 虚幻宇宙.]