カテゴリーアーカイブ: 仕事と生活

会社生活での私の考え, ワーク·ライフ·バランスまたはその等に不足.


When my mother gave birth to me, it was a touch-and-go sitiuation. I was created with an abnormally huge head, which I would like to insist is filled with a brain the size of a small planet. Whether because of the head or some other medical reason, my mother had to undergo an emergency c-section. 覚えている, this was more than half a century ago in a remote hill station near Munnar in Kerala.


When I was a child, I had a friend in the neighborhood. A smart (and slightly nerdy) kid, not unlike myself. We used to hang out, play badminton and do physics experiments. By the time we were teenagers, we kind of drifted apart, as our paths diverged. あとで, I went the IIT-USA, global-citizen-route and ended up in Singapore. He, of more modest ambitions, stayed back at home, and got a job roughly similar to what my father used to do. I kept hearing of him, although I never really ran into him. He got married, probably had a couple of kids, and everything must have been going smoothly, even a bit dully. But a couple of years ago he suddenly died of leukemia.


American School Shooting

Another day, another American school shooting. The predictable aftermath will be “thoughts and prayers” (現在の人々は懐疑的な気候のために異なる言葉を使用している,,en,銃法に関する別の意味のない議論,,en,いくつかの "never agains"と "never forget",,en,無駄にそれらの練習の代わりに,,en,私は銃でアメリカの致命的なロマンスのいくつかの他の興味深い側面について書いてみたいと思った,,en,銃のロビー,,en,銃暴力,,en,大量撮影,,en), another pointless debate over gun laws, and a few “never agains” and “never forgets”. Instead of those exercises in futility, I thought I would write about some other curious aspects of America’s deadly romance with guns.



My mom used to say that when your child is as big as you, you have to treat them with respect. What she actually said was that you had to address them using a respectful form of “あなた,” which doesn’t make any sense in English, but may work in Hindi or French. It worked poetically well in Malayalam. I was reminded of this maternal pearl of wisdom recently when I was watching a movie with my son.



Life is full of contradictions.

I am attending a research retreat on mindfulness and contemplative practices at the beautiful Garrison Institute. I am learning a lot of interesting things, and meeting a lot of like-minded and excellent people – the kind of people with whom I could have deep conversation about the unreal nature of reality, unlike most people from other walks of life would politely and tactfully excuse themselves when I get a bit unreal.



I just finished my first term as a professor at Singapore Management University. I taught an undergraduate course called Computer as an Analysis Tool, which is on business modelling and data-driven decision support. I had about 130 students, in three sections of three classroom hours each per week. I have to say the whole thing was a very enriching experience. もちろん, the reasons behind this statement will be expounded on, theorized and hypothesized – this is Unreal Blog, 結局.


Twilight Years

At some point in our life, we come to accept the fact we are closer to death than life. What lies ahead is definitely less significant than what is left behind. These are the twilight years, and I have come to accept them. With darkness descending over the horizons, and the long shadows of misspent years and evaded human conditions slithering all around me, I peer into the void, into an eternity of silence and dreamlessness. それは almost time.


Sunset Career

教育は、高貴でやりがいの職業であります. As my sunset career, I have accepted a faculty position at Singapore Management University, 情報システムの学校でデータ分析とビジネスモデリングを教えます. これらのトピックは、私とよく座って entrepreneurial ventures from earlier this year on data analytics and process automation, すべての私の退職から出てくるの一部であったどの.


ドナルド・トランプ – 投票リギング

I am a conspiracy theory nut. だから、私は衝撃的なトランプの勝利を説明するための陰謀説を提案してみましょう. これは、投票談合であります, あなたが考えていたのではない方法. 先に進む前に, 私は、これは楽しみのためだけであるとしましょう. Don’t take it too seriously.