To Know or Not To Know

Technical knowledge is not always a good for you in the modern workplace. Unless you are careful, others will take advantage of your expertise and dump their responsibilities on you. You may not mind it as long as they respect your expertise. Maar, they often hog the credit for your work and present their ability to evade work as people management skills.

People management is better rewarded than technical expertise. This differentiation between experts and middle-level managers in terms of rewards is a local Asian phenomenon. Hier, those who present the work seem to get the credit for it, regardless of who actually performs it. We live in a place and time where articulation is often mistaken for accomplishments.

In the West, technical knowledge is more readily recognized than smooth presentations. Jy hoef nie te kyk na Bill Gates die hoogtes waartoe tegniese kundigheid wat jy kan neem in die Wes waardeer. Natuurlik, Gates is meer as 'n kenner; Hy is 'n leier van 'n groot visie sowel.

Leiers is anders as mense bestuurders. Leiers bied inspirasie en leiding. Hulle is dringend nodig in alle organisasies, groot en klein. They are not to be confused with middle-level folks who keep harping on the “groot prentjie,” die “value-chainand such, and spend all their working hours in meetings. You know who I am talking about. Why should they get such hefty salaries when they know and do so little?

In teenstelling met mense krippe, technical experts are smart cookies. Hulle kan maklik sien dat as hulle wil mense bestuurders wees, hulle kan begin met 'n das en 'n goeie haarsny. As die pluk is ryk, hoekom sou hulle nie?

Going the other way is a lot harder though. For a pure people manager to become a technical expert, it takes a lot more than losing the tie. But why would anybody want to be an expert in the current corporate climate here? Slim pickings, regtig.

Is it time to hide your knowledge, kry dat haarsny, gryp dat das, en 'n volk bestuurder? It comes down to your personal choice. Knowledge gives you technical authority and a sense of indispensability. But it also sets you up for a stunted career progression. So the choice is between fulfillment and satisfaction on the one hand, and convenience and promotions on the other.

Ek wonder of ons reeds ons keuses gemaak het, selfs in ons persoonlike lewens. We find fathers who cannot get the hang of changing diapers or other household chores. Is dit moontlik dat mense nie kan uitvind wasmasjiene en mikrogolfoonde hoewel hulle ingewikkelde masjinerie by die werk kan funksioneer? Ons dames wat hul rekeninge nie kan balanseer en te skat hul besteding vind ook. Is dit regtig 'n wiskundige inkorting, of 'n kwessie van gerief?

By tye, die gebrek aan kennis is so kragtig 'n wapen as sy oorvloed. Ja, knowledge is a double-edged sword. Use it wisely!


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