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Sad Movies

I found something weird. People seem to like sad movies — tear-jerkers. But nobody likes to be sad. I mean, you watch great tragedies with genuine sadness, and then go around saying, “What a great movie!” If whatever happened in the movie really happened to you or somebody you knew, you wouldn’t say, “Wow, great!” Why is that?

I think a good answer is that such depictions in movies let you experience the emotional intensity with no immediate physical (or even emotional) danger. If you were actually on the Titanic, you would at least have taken a cold dip even if you survived. Αλλά βλέποντας την Kate Winslet και τον Leonardo DiCaprio να μάχονται για τη ζωή τους πιθανώς σας επιτρέπει να ζήσετε τον φόβο και τον πόνο τους από την άνεση της πολυθρόνας σας,,en,με ποπ κορν και σόδα για να εντείνει το συναίσθημα,,en,καταστροφές,,en,κινηματογράφος,,en,τιτανικός,,en,τσουνάμι,,en,ηφαίστειο,,en,Αρχεία χιούμορ,,en, with popcorn and soda to intensify the feeling.

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