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Interpretation of Special Relativity

When we looked at Quantum Mechanics, we talked about its various interpretations. The reason we have such interpretations, I said, is that QM deals with a reality that we have no access to, through our sensory and perceptual apparatuses. Aan die ander kant, Special Relativity is about macro objects in motion, and we have no problem imagining such things. So why would we need to have an interpretation? The answer is a subtle one.
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Speed of Light

The speed of light being a constant sounds like a simple statement. But there is more to it, quite a bit more. Let’s look at what this constancy really means. Met die eerste oogopslag, it says that if you are standing somewhere, and there is a ray of light going from your right to left, it has a speed c. And another ray of light going from left to right also has a speed c. So far, so good. Now let’s say you are in a rocket ship, soos getoon in die figuur hieronder, moving from right to left.

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Spesiale relatiwiteitsteorie

Wanneer ons hoor van Einstein en die spesiale relatiwiteit (of die spesiale relatiwiteitsteorie, om die regte naam te gebruik), Ons dink aan die beroemde E = mc^2 vergelyking, en vreemde dinge soos die tweeling paradoks. Terwyl hierdie dinge is almal ware en belangrike, die probleem SR probeer om op te los is 'n heeltemal ander een. Dit is 'n poging om 'n basiese beginsel te verdedig in fisika.
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