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量子力学,,en,粒子与相互作用,,en,还原论,,en,古典物理学,,en,量子力学的历史渊源,,en,量子场论,,en,量子力学-解释,,en,狭义相对论,,en,光速,,en,狭义相对论的解释,,en,电子书版本的《粒子与相互作用》现已推出,,en,可作为与移动设备兼容的设计精美的可打印电子书提供,,en,立即获取,,en,质量管理,,de,是小事物的物理学,,en,他们的行为举止如何相互影响,,en,QM的这种框架明显缺席的原因,,en,为什么小事情做什么,这是质量管理一个问题,,en,如果您要在这个主题上取得进展,,en,最好的选择是遏制问为什么,,en,自然就是她,,en (QM) is the physics of small things. How do they behave and how do they interact with each other? Conspicuously absent from this framework of QM is why. Why small things do what they do is a question QM leaves alone. And, if you are to make any headway into this subject, your best bet is to curb your urge to ask why. Nature is what she is. 我们的工作是了解她玩现实游戏的规则,,en,并尽我们最大的努力利用这些规则来在实验和技术上占优势,,en,我们的理由不是,,en,真,,en,话说回来,,en,我知道我们需要一些动力,,en,类似的解释,,en,至于为什么小东西,,en,粒子,,en,行为不同于我们直觉上的想象,,en,物质的小水滴,,en,去做,,en,我可以给您三个答案,它们的哲学难度越来越高,,en,观察问题,,en,观察或测量是与所观察到的相互作用,,en,互动可能会改变观察,,en,让我从现实世界中得出一个艰难的类比,,en,鲨鱼是好奇的生物,,en,如果你在水中th动,,en, and do our best to make use of those rules to our advantage in experiments and technologies. Ours is not to reason why. Really.

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In all our scientific endeavors, we use similar high-level techniques to understand and study things. The most common technique is reductionism. It is based on the belief that the behavior, properties and structure of large and complex objects can be understood in terms of their simpler constituents. In other words, we try to understand the whole (the universe, for instance) in terms of smaller, reduced constituents (such as particles).

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Particles and Interactions

Recently, I gave a talk on particles and interactions to my daughter’s classmates who were planning on a trip to DESY, Germany and wanted to have an idea of what it was all about. As my first talk of this kind, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know what level, and background, I should peg the talk at. I didn’t want to make it too basic, which I thought would be a waste of time. Nor did I want to make it too technical, which also would make it useless in a different way.

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