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Another Pen Story of Tough Love

Another pen, another story about the tightrope act called parenting. Continue reading

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Eye Catcher

Of nostalgia and how fading memories can evoke stronger images. Continue reading

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A Parker Pen from Singapore

About a fifty-year old Parker pen that held an important lesson for me.

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The Worldly Malayalees

I wrote this piece on the World Malayalee Conference 2008 for a Singaporean newspaper. I was away in India during the conference (22-25 August, 2008) and did not see it in print. This post is about my home state of Kerala, its language Malayalam, and those who speak it – the Malayalees. If those words make no sense to you, you may not be interested in this post.

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Are You a Malayali?

If you have to ask what in the world a Malayali is, then this post is not for you! This one came as email flotsam and was too funny to pass up. In other words, if you are a Malayali and find this one a bit offensive, trust me, I didn’t write it! Must have been a North Indian lobby! Continue reading

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And the Wind Whispered…

This post is my translation of an excellent short story by one of the most gifted storytellers of our time, O.V.Vijayan. The translation from Malayalam is a feeble effort, because such distant translations are not merely between languages, but cultures. Enjoy! Continue reading

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The Story So Far …

The Story So Far a “live” biography of mine. It will be updated, amended and republished whenever I can find time to get creative.

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