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Three Parrots

A colleague of mine told this story of three parrots during a meeting in front of our common boss, who was not impressed at all. Continue reading

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Ridiculous, Annoying and Embarrassing

When our kids turn 13, we turn ridiculous. How do we handle it? Continue reading

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Belle Piece

What do you do when you find yourself a sort of captive audience next to your big boss for a couple of minutes? Be careful about the comments you make as smalltalk!

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Ioanna’s Aisles

Here is a story about the quirkiness of this eccentric language.

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Bush has just left the building. Perhaps the world will be a kinder, gentler place now. But it will certainly be a less funny place. For life is stranger than fiction, and Bush was funnier than any stand-up comedian. Jon Stewart is going to miss him. So will I. Continue reading

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La logique

The last of my French redactions to be blogged, this one wasn’t such a hit with the class. They expected a joke, but what they got was, well, this. It was written the day after I watched an air show on TV where the French were proudly showcasing their fighter technology. This one talks about how logical conclusions can be illogical. Continue reading

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La chienne

Another of my French “redactions,” this piece is a translation of a joke, which perhaps didn’t translate too well. I was told that the French version was in poor taste. Now, reading it again, I feel that the English version doesn’t fare much better. You be the judge! Continue reading

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La pauvre famille

Another one of my early “redactions” describing a rich girl’s perspective of what poverty is all about. Enjoy! Continue reading

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