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Most Likely Wealth Distribution

In the last post, I gave vent to all my left-wing righteousness against the growing income disparity. Then it occurred to me — a totally uniform wealth distribution is stochastically unlikely. In fact, it is over seven billion times less likely than one person in the whole world holding all the wealth in the world. That brings me to the topic of this post – what is the most likely wealth distribution?

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Income Inequality

I read on BBC yesterday that the richest 62 people in the world now earn as much as the poorest half, which would be about 3.5 billion people! Хотя есть некоторая путаница в методологии,,en,ясно, что богатство и доход становятся все более и более поляризованными,,en,Богатые, безусловно, становятся богаче,,en,Неравенство доходов стоит как никогда остро,,en,капитализм,,en,экономия,,en,Как Греция получила количественное облегчение,,en,Одна вещь, которую нам нужно понять о спасательных операциях:,,en,те, кого выручают, на самом деле не получают денег,,en,Так было для Греции,,en,она тоже не получила,,en,Куда делись деньги,,en,Законным владельцам всех денег,,en,банкиры,,en,Я работал в банке,,en,так что я немного знаю об этом,,en,хотя моя позиция в иерархии была намного ниже уровня спасения в миллиард долларов,,en,спасение,,en,Греция,,en,количественное смягчение,,en,Количественные финансовые архивы,,en, it is clear that the wealth and income have been getting more and more polarized. The rich are certainly getting richer. Income inequality is more acute than ever.

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Disappearance of the Middle Class

Most people (who are likely to read this post) think of their financial station as middle class, so you might find it strange that I should say the middle class is disappearing. But the polarization in the wealth distribution of the world is very real, and it is visible at every strata of the society. I would like to convince you by anecdotes and examples before getting logical and formal about it.

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