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Before leaving India in the late eighties, I could speak a bit of Hindi as my third language. English was the second language, 和 马拉雅拉姆语 my mother tongue. I wasn’t fluent in Hindi by any stretch of imagination, but I could speak it well enough to get rid of a door-to-door salesman, 例如.

This is exactly what my father (a confirmed Hindi-phobe) asked me to do during one of my visits home when a persistent, Hindi-speaking sari salesman was hovering over our front porch. By that time, I had spent over six years in the US (and considered my English very good) and a couple of years in France (enough to know that “very good English” was no big deal). So to get rid of the sari-wala, I started to talk to him in Hindi, and the strangest thing happened — it was all 法国人 that was coming out. Not my mother tongue, not my second or third language, but French! 简而言之, there was very confused sari salesman roaming the streets that day.

真, there is some similarity between Hindi and French, 例如, in the sounds of interrogative words, and the silly masculine-feminine genders of neutral objects. But I don’t think that was what was causing the outpouring of Frenchness. It felt as though French had replaced Hindi in my brain. Whatever brain cells of mine that were wired up to speak Hindi (badly, I might add) were being rewired a la franciaise! Some strange resource allocation mechanism was recycling my brain cells without my knowledge or consent. I think this French invasion in my brain continued unabated and assimilated a chunk of my English cells as well. The end result was that my English got all messed up, and my French never got good enough. I do feel a bit sorry for my confused brain cells. 噶, 我猜 — I shouldn’t have confused the sari salesman.

Though spoken in jest, I think what I said is true — the languages that you speak occupy distinct sections of your brain. A friend of mine is a French-American girl from the graduate years. She has no discernable accent in her Americanese. Once she visited me in France, and I found that whenever she used an English word while speaking French, she had a distinct French accent. It was as though the English words came out of the French section of her brain.

当然, languages can be a tool in the hands of the creative. My officemate in France was a smart English chap who steadfastly refused to learn any French at all, and actively resisted any signs of French assimilation. He never uttered a French word if he could help it. 但随后, one summer, two English interns showed up. My officemate was asked to mentor them. When these two girls came to our office to meet him, this guy suddenly turned bilingual and started saying something like, “Ce qu’on fait ici.. 哦, 遗憾, I forgot that you didn’t speak French!”

The Story So Far …

在六十年代初期,,en,Santa Kumari Amma决定搬到High Ranges,,en,她最近开始与KSEB合作,该公司正在那里建设一个水力发电项目。这个地方通常被称为High Ranges,,en,即使范围不是那么高,,en,人们告诉她,粗糙而坚韧的高山不适合喜欢她的乡村女孩,,en,但她还是想去,,en,主要是因为有一些项目津贴,她可以使用任何一点点来她的方式,,en,她的家人很穷,,en,她来自一个名叫穆拉尼的小村庄,,en,靠近一个叫Mallappalli的大村庄。,,en,大约在同一时间B.,,en,更好地称为Appu,,en,也来到了高山区,,en, Santa Kumari Amma decided to move to the High Ranges. She had recently started working with KSEB which was building a hydro-electric project there.The place was generically called the High Ranges, even though the ranges weren’t all that high. People told her that the rough and tough High Ranges were no place for a country girl like her, but she wanted to go anyways, prompted mainly by the fact that there was some project allowance involved and she could use any little bit that came her way. Her family was quite poor. She came from a small village called Murani (near a larger village called Mallappalli.)

Around the same time B. Thulasidas (better known as Appu) also came to the High Ranges. 他的家庭并不是那么穷,而且他并不需要额外的钱,,en,但他想,,en,不管怎样,嘿吵闹的地方,,en,有没有搞错,,en,使长话短说,,en,他们坠入爱河并决定结婚,,en,这是9月份的一段时间,,en,一年后桑迪亚出生于11月,,en,又过了一年,我成了,,en,整个过程,,en,正在发生在,,en,添加该句子只是为了把链接放在那里,,en,以防万一你感兴趣,,en,有一个华丽的山区度假胜地叫,,en,意思是三条河流,,en,我父母当时就业的地方,那就是我出生的地方,,en,就在此之前,,en,和我,,en,这就是我猜的,,en,搬到特里凡得琅,,en,喀拉拉邦的首都,,en,我住在特里凡得琅,直到我,,en,那些年里发生了很多事情,,en. But he thought, hey rowdy place anyway, what the heck? 好, to make a long story short, they fell in love and decided to get married. This was some time in September 1962. A year later Sandya was born in Nov 63. And a little over another year and I came to be! (This whole stroy, 顺便说说, is taking place in the state of Kerala印度. 好, that sentence was added just to put the links there, just in case you are interested.) There is a gorgeous hill resort called 蒙纳 (meaning three rivers) where my parents were employed at that time and that’s where I was born.

 [casual picture] Just before 1970, 他们 (and me, which makes it we I guess) moved to Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. I lived in Trivandrum till I was 17. Lots of things happened in those years, 但由于这篇文章仍然存在,,en,永远都是,,en,工作正在进行中,,en,我现在不能告诉你所有的事情,,en,我搬到了马德拉斯,,en,在电子和通信领域做我的BTech,,en,他们将IIT称为印度麻省理工学院,,en,只是更难进入,,en,在我的批次中,,en,有关于,,en,学生们竞争,,en,地方,,en,我被排名了,,en,其中,,en,我在学业上非常聪明,,en,你看。,,en,而你可以想象,,en,这四年也发生了很多事情,,en,但尽管如此,,en,我八月毕业,,en,并获得了我的BTech学位,,en,完成我的BTech后,,en,我做了大多数IIT人应该做的事情,,en,我搬到了各州,,en,北部,,en,纽约,,en,是我的目的地,,en,我加入了,,en,物理系,,en,我在高能物理专业攻读博士学位,,en,还有男孩,,en,在那些期间发生了很多事情,,en,其中一半,,en,花了几年时间,,en (and always will be) work in progress, I can’t tell you all about it now.

在 1983, I moved to Madras, to do my BTech in Electronics and Communication at 个人所得税, 马德拉斯. (They call the IITs the MIT of India, only much harder to get in. In my batch, there were about 75,000 students competing for about 2000 places. I was ranked 63 among them. I’m quite smart academically, you see.) And as you can imagine, lots of things happened in those four years as well. But despite all that, I graduated in August 1987 and got my BTech degree.

在 1987, after finishing my BTech, I did what most IITians are supposed to do. I moved to the states. Upstate New York was my destination. I joined the Physics Department雪城大学 to do my PhD in High Energy Physics. And boy, did a lot of things happen during those 6 年! Half of those 6 years were spent at 康奈尔大学,,en,在伊萨卡,,en,那是在八月,,en,然后在,,en,着名的法国国家研究组织,,en,国家科学研究中心,,fr,雇了我,,en,我搬到了,,en,继续我的研究工作,,en,我在法国的目的地是普罗旺斯的城市,,en,我的家乡学院是,,en,马赛粒子物理中心,,fr,我没说法语,,en,但这并没有打扰我,,en,在去美国之前,,en,我也不会说很多英语/美国人。,,en,结束,,en,在12月29日,,en,我结婚了,,en,在早期,,en,卡维塔也搬到了法国,,en,卡维塔在法国并不高兴,因为她觉得自己可以在新加坡做得更多,,en,她是对的,,en,卡维塔现在是一位有成就的企业家,,en,两个精品店,,en,在新加坡和,,en,更多的经营理念,,en,对她有好处,,en in Ithaca.

That was in Aug. 1987. Then in 1993 七, the prestigious French national research organization ( CNRS – “Centre national de la recherche scientifique”) hired me. I moved to 法国 to continue my research work at 艾礼富, 欧洲核子研究中心. My destination in France was the provencal city of 马赛. My home institute was “Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille” 或 CPPM. 当然, I didn’t speak a word of French, but that didn’t bother me much. (Before going to the US in 1987, I didn’t speak much English/Americanese either.)

End of 1995, on the 29th of Dec, I got married to . In early 1996, Kavita also moved to France. Kavita wasn’t too happy in France because she felt she could do much more in Singapore. She was right. Kavita is now an accomplished entrepreneur with two boutiques in Singapore and more business ideas than is good for her. 她赢得了许多奖项,并且是一个奖项,,en,小名人,,en,与新加坡媒体合作,,en,我现在得到了很好的报价,,en,我们决定搬到新加坡,,en,此举的各种个人原因,,en,我应该提到的味道,,en,Racisim,,la,在马赛,空气是一个,,en,虽然我个人在法国遇到的每个人都很棒,,en,我总是有一种唠叨的感觉,每一个我,,en,没见面,,en,希望我离开那里,,en,Marignane机场的移民办事员不断要求我进一步证实这种感觉,,en,把自己放在旁边,,fr,并偶尔喃喃地说,,en,法国第一。,,fr,我搬到新加坡一周后,,en,在7月24日,,en,梅艳芳,,en,出生于,,en,令人难以置信的可爱和快乐,,en,安妮塔重新安排了我们的优先事项,并将事情放在眼前,,en,五年后,,en minor celebrity with the Singapore media. [Wedding picture]

在 1998, I got a good offer from what is now the 协会信息通信研究 and we decided to move to Singapore. Among the various personal reasons for the move, I should mention that the smell of racisim in the Marseilles air was one. Although every individual I personally met in France was great, I always had a nagging feeling that every one I did not meet wanted me out of there. This feeling was further confirmed by the immigration clerks at the Marignane airport constantly asking me to “Mettez-vous a cote, 绅士” and occassionally murmuring “les francais d’abord.”  [Anita Smiles]

A week after I moved to Singapore, on the 24rth of July 1998, Anita was born. Incredibly cute and happy, Anita rearranged our priorities and put things in perspective. Five years later, 5月2日,,en,尼尔出生了,,en,事实证明他更加充满了笑容,,en,我参与了许多基于身体的测量,产生了多项专利和论文,,en,在A-Star的职业生涯即将结束,,en,我研究过大脑信号,,en,担心如何理解它们并使它们直接与计算机对话,,en,这个研究方向极大地影响了我的思想,,en,虽然不是我的雇主会喜欢的方式,,en,我开始考虑感知在我们的世界观中的作用,,en,所以,,en,在物理学理论中,,en,我也意识到这些想法不是孤立的思考,,en,但是在各种哲学流派中都受到了限制,,en,这一思路最终出现在我的书中,,en,接近下半场,,en 2003, Neil was born. He proved to be even more full of smiles.  [Neil Smiles more!]

In Singapore, I worked on a lot of various body-based measurements generating several patents and papers. Towards the end of my career with A-Star, I worked on brain signals, worrying about how to make sense of them and make them talk directly to a computer. This research direction influenced my thinking tremendously, though not in a way my employer would’ve liked. I started thinking about the role of perception in our world view and, consequently, in the theories of physics. I also realized how these ideas were not isolated musings, but were atriculated in various schools of philosophy. This line of thinking eventually ended up in my book, 虚幻宇宙.

Towards the second half of 2005, 我决定放弃研究并进入量化金融领域,,en,对于资金短缺的物理学家来说,这是一个理想的领域,,en,事实证明,我有一些技能和才能对我的雇主和我自己有利可图,,en,我的第一份工作是定量分析师团队的负责人,,en,华侨银行,,en, 新加坡的一家地区银行,,en, 或许更重要的是,,en,作为资深量化专业人士,他们负责内部交易平台,,en,这进一步增强了我的“全局,,en,我在自己的领域得到了很好的认可,,en,并作为常规专栏作家,,en,我发表了几篇关于量子和量化金融相关主题的文章,,en,这可能就是John Wiley的原因,,en,儿子有限公司,,en,让我写这本书,,en,尽管取得了这些专业成就,,en,在个人方面,,en, which is an ideal domain for a cash-strapped physicist. It turned out that I had some skills and aptitudes that were mutually lucrative to my employers and myself. My first job was as the head of the quantitative analyst team at OCBC, a regional bank in Singapore. 这中间的办公室工作, 涉及风险管理和削减热情洋溢的商人, gave me a thorough overview of pricing models and, perhaps more importantly, 冲突驱动的实现了银行的风险承受能力的完美理解.

 [Dad] 后来, 在 2007, I moved to 渣打银行, as a senior quantitative professional taking care of their in-house trading platform, which further enhanced my "big picture" outlook and inspired me to write 定量发展的原则. I am rather well recognized in my field, and as a regular columnist for the 维尔莫特杂志, I have published several articles on a variety of topics related to quants and quantitative finance, which is probably why John Wiley & Sons Ltd. asked me to write this book.

Despite these professional successes, on the personal front, 2008 一直是悲伤的一年,,en,我在十月二十二日失去了父亲,,en,父母的死亡,,en,是一个粗鲁的警钟,,en,它带来了难以理解的失落和痛苦的感觉,,en,并且无法沟通,,en,而对于我们这些有轻松自我表达的礼物的人,,en,他们逗留的时间超过了他们应有的时间,,en. I lost my father on the 22nd of October. 该 death of a parent is a rude wake-up call. It brings about feelings of loss and pain that are hard to understand, and impossible to communicate. And for those of us with little gift of easy self-expression, they linger for longer than they perhaps should.