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Seksenli yılların sonlarında Hindistan'ı terk etmeden önce, Ben üçüncü dil olarak Hintçe biraz konuşabilir. İngilizce ikinci dil oldu, ve Malayalam benim anadilim. Ben hayal herhangi bir streç tarafından Hintçe akıcı değildi, ama yeterince iyi bir kapı-kapı satıcısı kurtulmak için konuşabilir, Örneğin.

Bu tam olarak ne babam (Bir teyit Hintçe düşmanı) benim ziyaret sırasında yapmamı istedi eve ne zaman kalıcı bir, Hintçe konuşan sari satıcı bizim ön sundurma üzerinde dalgalanıyordu. O zaman, Ben ABD'de altı yıl geçirmişti (ve İngilizcem çok iyi kabul) ve Fransa'da birkaç yıl (bilmek yeterli “Çok iyi derecede İngilizce” hayır büyük dağıtmak oldu). Yani sari-wala kurtulmak için, Ben Hintçe onunla konuşmaya başladı, ve tuhaf bir şey oldu — her was Fransız dışarı geliyordu. Değil benim anadilim, benim ikinci veya üçüncü dil, ama Fransız! Kısacası, o gün sokaklarda dolaşım çok karıştı sari satıcısı oldu.

Gerçek, Hintçe ve Fransızca arasında biraz benzerlik var, Örneğin, soru sözcükleri sesleri, nötr obje ve aptal eril-dişil cinsiyetlerin. Ama bu Fransızlık akıtılıyor neden ne olduğunu sanmıyorum. Fransız beynimde Hintçe yerini sanki hissettim. Hintçe konuşmaya kadar kablolu edildi madenin ne olursa olsun beyin hücreleri (kötü, Ben ekleyebilirsiniz) la franciaise rewired ediliyordu! Bazı garip kaynak tahsisi mekanizması benim bilgisi veya onayı olmadan benim beyin hücreleri geri dönüşüm edildi. Ben beynimde bu Fransız işgali azalmadan devam düşünmek ve benim de İngilizce hücrelerin bir yığın asimile. Sonuçta benim İngilizce dagiImis var ki oldu, ve benim Fransızca yeterince iyi asla var. Benim karıştı beyin hücreleri için biraz üzülüyorum. Karma, Sanırım — Ben sari satıcı karıştırılmamalıdır olmamalıdır.

Şakacıktan konuşulan rağmen, Ben ne dedim doğru olduğunu düşünüyorum — Eğer konuştuğu diller beynin farklı bölümleri işgal. Bir arkadaşım mezunu yaşındaki bir Fransız-Amerikan kız. O Americanese içinde hiçbir fark aksanı var. O beni Fransa'da kez ziyaret, ve ben o İngilizce bir kelime kullanılır zaman Fransızca konuşurken bulundu, o ayrı bir Fransız aksanı vardı. İngilizce kelimeleri beyninin Fransız bölümünde çıktı sanki oldu.

Elbette, dilleri yaratıcı elinde bir araç olabilir. Fransa'da Benim officemate inatla hiç bir Fransız öğrenmeyi reddetti akıllı İngilizce adamdı, ve aktif Fransız asimilasyon herhangi bir belirti direndi. O yardımcı olabilir eğer o bir Fransız kelime bile cikmaz. Ama sonra, bir yaz, iki İngiliz stajyerler geldi. Benim officemate onlara akıl hocası istendi. Bu iki kız ofisimize geldi onu karşılamak için, bu adam aniden iki dilli döndü ve gibi bir şey söyleyerek başladı, “Burada ne.. Aman, üzgünüm, Ben Fransızca konuşan etmediğini unutmuşum!”

Story So Far …

In the early sixties, Santa Kumari Amma decided to move to the High Ranges. She had recently started working with KSEB which was building a hydro-electric project there.The place was generically called the High Ranges, even though the ranges weren’t all that high. People told her that the rough and tough High Ranges were no place for a country girl like her, but she wanted to go anyways, prompted mainly by the fact that there was some project allowance involved and she could use any little bit that came her way. Her family was quite poor. She came from a small village called Murani (near a larger village called Mallappalli.)

Around the same time B. Thulasidas (better known as Appu) also came to the High Ranges. His familty wasn’t all that poor and he didn’t really need the extra money. But he thought, hey rowdy place anyway, what the heck? Iyi, to make a long story short, they fell in love and decided to get married. This was some time in September 1962. A year later Sandya was born in Nov 63. And a little over another year and I came to be! (This whole stroy, bu arada, is taking place in the state of Kerala içinde Hindistan. Iyi, that sentence was added just to put the links there, just in case you are interested.) There is a gorgeous hill resort called David'in (meaning three rivers) where my parents were employed at that time and that’s where I was born.

 [casual picture] Just before 1970, they (and me, which makes it we I guess) moved to Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. I lived in Trivandrum till I was 17. Lots of things happened in those years, but since this post is still (and always will be) work in progress, I can’t tell you all about it now.

Içinde 1983, I moved to Madras, to do my BTech in Electronics and Communication at İİT, Çubuklu pamuklu kumaş. (They call the IITs the MIT of India, only much harder to get in. In my batch, there were about 75,000 students competing for about 2000 places. I was ranked 63 among them. I’m quite smart academically, you see.) And as you can imagine, lots of things happened in those four years as well. But despite all that, I graduated in August 1987 and got my BTech degree.

Içinde 1987, after finishing my BTech, I did what most IITians are supposed to do. I moved to the states. Upstate New York was my destination. I joined the Physics Department arasında Syracuse Üniversitesi to do my PhD in High Energy Physics. And boy, did a lot of things happen during those 6 Yıl! Half of those 6 years were spent at Cornell University Ithaca,,en,Neil doğdu,,en,hangi ayrıca benim "büyük resmi gelişmiş,,en,Story”One thought Ana Kadar,,en,Singapur & nbsp Kantitatif Finans ABD Parçacık Fiziği Gönderen;,,en,& Nbsp; Fizik ötesi,,en.

That was in Aug. 1987. Then in 1993 Yedi, the prestigious French national research organization ( CNRS – “Centre national de la recherche scientifique”) hired me. I moved to Fransa to continue my research work at ALEPH, CERN. My destination in France was the provencal city of Marsilya. My home institute was “Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille” veya CPPM. Elbette, I didn’t speak a word of French, but that didn’t bother me much. (Before going to the US in 1987, I didn’t speak much English/Americanese either.)

End of 1995, on the 29th of Dec, I got married to Kavita. In early 1996, Kavita also moved to France. Kavita wasn’t too happy in France because she felt she could do much more in Singapore. She was right. Kavita is now an accomplished entrepreneur with two boutiques in Singapore and more business ideas than is good for her. She has won many awards and is a minor celebrity with the Singapore media. [Wedding picture]

Içinde 1998, I got a good offer from what is now the Infocomm Araştırma Enstitüsü and we decided to move to Singapore. Among the various personal reasons for the move, I should mention that the smell of racisim in the Marseilles air was one. Although every individual I personally met in France was great, I always had a nagging feeling that every one I did not meet wanted me out of there. This feeling was further confirmed by the immigration clerks at the Marignane airport constantly asking me to “Mettez-vous a cote, beyefendi” and occassionally murmuring “les francais d’abord.”  [Anita Smiles]

A week after I moved to Singapore, on the 24rth of July 1998, Anita was born. Incredibly cute and happy, Anita rearranged our priorities and put things in perspective. Five years later, on the 2nd of May 2003, Neil was born. He proved to be even more full of smiles.  [Neil Smiles more!]

In Singapore, I worked on a lot of various body-based measurements generating several patents and papers. Towards the end of my career with A-Star, I worked on brain signals, worrying about how to make sense of them and make them talk directly to a computer. This research direction influenced my thinking tremendously, though not in a way my employer would’ve liked. I started thinking about the role of perception in our world view and, consequently, in the theories of physics. I also realized how these ideas were not isolated musings, but were atriculated in various schools of philosophy. This line of thinking eventually ended up in my book, Unreal Evren.

Towards the second half of 2005, I decided to chuck research and get into quantitative finance, which is an ideal domain for a cash-strapped physicist. It turned out that I had some skills and aptitudes that were mutually lucrative to my employers and myself. My first job was as the head of the quantitative analyst team at OCBC, a regional bank in Singapore. Bu ofis orta iş, coşkun tüccarlar, risk yönetimini içeren ve yavaşlatmada, gave me a thorough overview of pricing models and, perhaps more importantly, Bankanın risk iştahının çatışma odaklı uygulama mükemmel anlayışı.

 [Dad] Daha sonra, içinde 2007, I moved to Standard Chartered Bank, as a senior quantitative professional taking care of their in-house trading platform, which further enhanced my "big picture" outlook and inspired me to write Kantitatif Geliştirme İlkeleri. I am rather well recognized in my field, and as a regular columnist for the Wilmott Dergisi, I have published several articles on a variety of topics related to quants and quantitative finance, which is probably why John Wiley & Sons Ltd. asked me to write this book.

Despite these professional successes, on the personal front, 2008 has been a year of sadness. I lost my father on the 22nd of October. The death of a parent is a rude wake-up call. It brings about feelings of loss and pain that are hard to understand, and impossible to communicate. And for those of us with little gift of easy self-expression, they linger for longer than they perhaps should.