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Income Inequality

I read on BBC yesterday that the richest 62 people in the world now earn as much as the poorest half, which would be about 3.5 billion people! Although there is some confusion about the methodology, it is clear that the wealth and income have been getting more and more polarized. The rich are certainly getting richer. Income inequality is more acute than ever.


Capitalism vs. Corporatism

During a recent conversation with him, this client of mine used the wordcorporatistto describe his country (US of A). He said twenty years ago, they were a capitalist country, not a corporatist one. 现在, this is a kind of fine distinction that I’d love to talk about. 对我来说,, it was a surprising and illuminating distinction, one that cleanly dissects and clears up the economic confusion of our times. And I had to write about it.

Everybody knows what capitalism is. It is the market-driven, private-ownership-centric economic system where selfish motives bring about collective happiness, according to Adam Smith. This way of life has been accepted as the “良好” 系统, and stands in stark contrast with the collective, community-owned economic system with notions of robust social redistribution of wealthcommunism or socialism. Although the latter does sound like a better and more moral ideal, 至少在原则上, it never did pan out that way.

Corporatism is not as well-known as capitalism. 至少, I didn’t know that such a word existed. But the moment I heard it, I could guess what it meant. It points to the end product of unbridled capitalism, one with no government control, or even moral hangups. In my view, it happens this wayonce you have private ownership, some people get richer than the rest. There is nothing wrong with that; 事实上, it is a mathematical certainty. 但随后, money gives those lucky guys more power, and access to ways in which they can make more money. 例如, they can influence the political system, and through it the fiscal and taxation policies. 还, private ownerships can be pooled together to form economic organisms that can sustain themselves. These organisms are, 当然, corporate bodies. They exert power through their collective wealth to an even greater extent than the good old capitalists.

A curious thing happens when capitalists (simple rich folks, 就是说) get sidelined by corporations. The money and power get separated in a strange way. The board members and CEOs who control the corporate bodies end up wielding power, instead of the owners. They are entrusted with the task of guarding and growing the capital. They find novel strategies to do this, like taking advantage of tax loopholes and tax havens, and engaging in unsavory business practices (like mixing any damn white powder with baby food, 例如). As long as they succeed in their remit of growing the capital, they seem to absolve themselves of the moral implications of their actions. For their services, they pay themselves handsome rewards. Note that the corporatists (the operators) pay themselves; it is not as though the capitalists (the owners) pay them, wherein lies the separation of power and money.

When you bring in the financial system whose primary function is capital management, the separation of power, money and morality takes on a new dimension. So banks, with no intrinsic economic value of their own, turn out to be too big to fail, and the system rearranges itself in such way that even when they do fail, it is the people farthest removed from power and money are the ones who pay for it. The high-flying bankers and senior managers get golden parachutes because they have both power and money. The trickle-down economy envisioned in pure capitalism (an optimistic vision to begin with) only trickles through channels drawn by the corporate overlords.

These unfair trickles did not bother us (the middle class) for a long time because they were not all trickling away from us. Now that they have started to, we are beginning to sit up and protest. I sympathize with my American client. Now that the corporatists are after our little trickles, we hate corporatism.

是你的, 现在矿

我觉得我经历了一个变化很大的时代,,en,如果您旅行或移民,变化的步伐似乎会加快,因为不同的地理区域在时间上起着不同的作用,,en,工作生活平衡档案,,en. The pace of change can seem accelerated if you travel or emigrate because various geographical regions act as different slices in time. 我有益处 (或不幸) 多emigrations. 与, 再加上我多年的进步, 我感觉好像我已经看到了很多. 大部分我所看到的让我充满了悲观失望的预感. 也许这是一个过于愤世嫉俗的心态仅仅是悲观的特征, 或许这是我们的全球道德标准的真实衰变.

从积极的一面, 变化的速度确实是速度与激情. 这是你喜欢的那种变化 — 你知道, 乙烯假脱机磁带盒,MP3到iPod样. 或陆线到卫星细胞的Skype到Twitter样. 然而, 伴随着这种积极和明显的轨迹变化, 有一个阴险缓慢和麻烦的赛道上我们爬起来. 它是n这个背景下,我想重用青蛙在-A-锅的过度使用寓言.

如果你把一只青蛙在热水中, 它会跳出锅,并保存它的皮肤. 但是,如果您将在冷水中的青蛙, 慢慢升温锅, 也不会感觉到变化,熬死. 变化的缓慢是致命的. 因此,让我与夸大妄想狂的青蛙; 请允许我强调了不健康的变化累积在我们身边. 你看, 同时,我们正在经历的技术奇迹, 还有是在我们的社会和政治存在各方面的传播其触角经济或金融的噩梦, transfixing一切都发生在其副般的抓地力. 慢慢. 很慢. 因为这对我们无形的掌握, 每iPod的我们买, 我们 (中产阶级) 取一两块钱的非常差,给它的非常丰富. 我们不这么认为,因为我们有些人赚几分钱的过程中. 苹果店加盟使得几毛钱, 对员工的最月获得令牌加薪, 苹果开发者可以享受一个不错的假期, 或高级行政人员可能会得到一个新的喷气, 该国的经济进入了一个档次, 纳斯达克 (所以每个人的养老金) 去了一小部分 — 一切都是幸福的, 右边?

好, 还有就是包装材料的这个小问题,可能会在什么地方杀了树的一部分, 在巴西, 也许, 那里的人不知道这些树木属于他们. 污染可能是一点点逃进空气或在中国河流的地方,当地人都没有意识到,这些资源是他们的传家宝. 可能有一些中等毒性的垃圾在非洲填埋场结束了某处,他们还没有完全掌握土地所有权的概念. 它可能花费在班加罗尔开发人员或呼叫中心的姑娘在马尼拉一两个小时,比它应该更多,因为他们不知道,他们的时间是一种资源买低,在市场上销售的高,他们看不到或不知道的. 从这些遥远的地方和幻象的人,我们拿起一两块钱,并传递给等距离企业库房及股市. 我们需要的不是来自未知的业主我们养活看不见球员贪婪. 和, 喜欢 米洛明德宾德 会说, 每个人都有一个份额. 这是现代资本主义企业的时代, 在那里,我们都变得微小的齿轮在一个巨大的车轮,特别无情地轧​​上无处, 但是擦掉多在此过程中.

资本主义作为一种经济意识形态的问题是,它是非常不受反对现. 只有通过意识形态的冲突可以某种形式的平衡出现. 每一个冲突, 顾名思义, 需要对手, 至少有两个人. 也是如此的思想斗争. 斗争是资本主义和共产主义之间 (还是社会主义, 我不知道的区别). 前者说,我们要裁员了市场,让贪婪和自私自生自灭. 好, 如果你不喜欢的声音 “贪婪和自私,” 试试 “雄心和驱动器。” 它像自由和民主联系起来的话, 这 “放任” 思想一拉亚当·斯密是一个成功的公式.

站在另一个角是相对的思想, 它说,我们应该控制的资金和资源流向, 和传播快乐. 不幸的是这种意识形态得到了难听的话像极权主义有关, 官僚主义, 大屠杀, 杀柬埔寨等领域. 难怪它失去了, 保存这个经济强国称为中国. 但是,中国的胜利是没有任何安慰的社会主义阵营,因为中国通过重新界定社会主义或共产主义从根本上意味着资本主义做到了. 因此,资本主义的胜利, 所有意图和目的, 扣篮. 以胜利者属于历史的战利品. 所以, 资本主义的社会 - 政治 - 经济思想享有不错的话就像自由的盈盈协会, 平等机会, 民主等。, 而共产主义是一个失败的实验退居 “失败者” 意识形态,如法西斯主义的类别, 纳粹主义和其他邪恶的东西. 因此,资本主义和占领墙街头运动之间的战斗是可怜不对称.

2旗鼓相当的对手之间的战斗是很好看; 说, 德约科维奇和费德勒之间的匹配. 另一方面, á “比赛” 与费德勒和我将是令人兴奋的只属于我 — 如果这. 如果你是为暴力娱乐, 2重物之间的拳击比赛将是有趣的东西看. 但一个壮汉的拳击手击败的生活一大跳的2岁才会充满你的反抗和厌恶 (这类似于91年海湾战争期间,我有感觉).

不用担心, 我不会防守或试图重振社会主义这个博客, 因为我不认为一个中央控制的经济仍然可以正常工作. 我担心的是,资本主义没有一个旗鼓相当的对手,现在. 难道不应该担心你,以及? 公司资本主义跳动的生活一大跳一切,一个可以称之为体面的人. 如果我们忽略了,学会爱我们的厌恶,只是因为我们得到了一个分享?

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