Sales and Structuring

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Those in sales tend to be personable, extroverted and persuasive people. A good salesman can sell a refrigerator to an eskimo, I’m told. IN the context of the front office in the global treasury or global markets, sales people are tasked with sniffing out trading needs from their customers and offer compelling products from the trading and structuring desks to fulfill them.


The life of a sales professional is a tough one. They need to meet progressively more aggressive targets in sales volumes to stay in the game. The moment they meet the target one year, it jumps the next year to an even more unattainable level. The sales staff, therefor, find themselves under constant (or even increasing) pressure. Knowledge of mathematical finance, while useful, is not a pre-requisite for sales jobs. Όντως, mathematically inclined folks tend to be reserved and introverted, and tend not to have the qualities that make for a good salesman. Με άλλα λόγια, if you are a quant, your most ideal role is not in sales, although the structuring side may offer some interesting opportunities.