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Name:  ezReports
Stable tag:  1.00
Author:  WP Plus
Price:  12.95
Contributors:  manojtd
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ezReports is an add-on module for ezPayPal, which provides a reporting and charting engine. It can be installed on the standalone version of ezPayPal Pro. Used it in conjunction with ezPayPal, this modules enables you to analyze your sales and revenue data with the help of charts so that you can pinpoint revenue-generation opportunities.

If you would like to start your e-commerce website, you can purchase the full package of ezReports ready-to-use online for only $12.95.


  1. Seamless integration with ezPayPal.
  2. Multiple reports provided.
  3. Easy to add new reports with the help and sample report provided.


ezReports uses Open Flash Chart to render beautiful charts.


Note: ezReports is an add-on module for ezPayPal Pro. You can install and use it only if you have ezPayPal. Or you can purchase the bundled package of ezReports and ezPayPal ready-to-deploy for a discounted price of only $12.95.

  1. On ezPayPal screen, click on Pro Functions.
  2. Log in if prompted.
  3. Click on the Reporting Engine button against the Track your sales and revenue entry.
  4. Click on the Install Package and follow the friendly wizard.


  1. Sample report - sales per product pie-chart.  Click to View
    Screenshot [ezreports] 1
  2. Sample report - revenue per month.  Click to View
    Screenshot [ezreports] 2

Change Log


  • V1.00: Initial release. [Nov 25, 2013]

Future Plans

  1. Provide more reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this package without ezPayPal?

Not in the current form. A future version that can work independently of ezPayPal will be released soon.

How do I create a new report?

The ezReports module is written with extensibility in mind. With a bit of PHP knowledge, it is child's play to add another report. Follow these steps to make your own report.

  1. Make a copy of a look at the sample report chart-product.php in the module folder (ezPayPal/pro/ezreports).
  2. Rename it to chart-<something>.php. Let's say you call it chart-myreport.php.
  3. Edit chart-myreport.php and change the report name near the top of the file (line 9 in the current version.)
  4. In the data section (after if (isset($_GET['data']))), define your own data.
  5. Save and upload the modified chart-myreport.php to your server, to the same location as chart-product.php.
  6. Your report is ready and deployed, and will appear in the drop down menu when you start the reporting engine.

Visit Open Flash Chart to see available chart formats and code samples.


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