Easy Plugin for AdSense provides a very easy way to generate revenue from your blog using Google AdSense. 凭借其全面的功能集, Easy Plugin for AdSense is perhaps the first plugin to give you a complete solution for everything AdSense-related. The admin interface of this plugin uses a highly functional and modern interface based on the twitter bootstrap framework with generous, context-sensitive help on every single option.

该插件的此更新是最后一个公开发布的版本. 我们不希望做任何重大变化,或从现在开始添加新的功能,它.

我们可能并不总是能为这个插件的WordPress.org论坛提供及时的支持. 如果你想有专业的支持或额外/自定义功能, 考虑购买 Pro版

If you have multiple blogs or websites where you would like your ads to appear, you may want to try EZ广告 - a personal ad server fully compatible with this plugin. It is also available in the WordPress plugin directory.

Live Demo

Easy AdSense admin interface is feature-rich, user-friendly and functional. Please visit this fully operational live demo site to see what it can do for you.

Now available in your language using Google Translate.


  • Beautifully designed, fully responsive, intuitive interface.
  • Inline editing and instant saving of your options with AJAX (no more form submit/refresh etc.)
  • Enforces the Google AdSense policy of not more than three adsense blocks per page.
  • 边栏小工具:
    • For AdSense block with custom title.
    • 对于搜索与定制的文字或图像标题.
    • 对于链接单元.
  • 丰富的选项:
    • Put Link Units or AdSense Blocks in header or footer.
    • 抑制所有页面上的广告 (相对于岗位), 或前/主页.
    • 加上广告区块可定制的鼠标悬停边框装饰.
    • Display adsense blocks based on the post length.
  • 控制在每个岗位或页面定位和AdSense块显示屏.
  • 尽可能简单的配置界面 -- 无非剪切和粘贴AdSense代码, 并与合理的默认值出现在几个选项, 所有有明确的说明.
  • Popover help for every option in the plugin.
  • An interface tour to familiarize yourself with the plugin features and layout.
  • Ability to spawn the plugin interface as a separate tab/window independent of the WordPress admin interface.


Easy Plugin for AdSense is the freely distributed version of a premium plugin. 该 Pro版 为您提供了更多的功能. Here is a list of the Pro features:

  • 安全内容过滤: 为了确保您的谷歌AdSense广告只显示那些似乎符合谷歌的AdSense政策页, 因为有些意见可能使你的网页与政策不符的,可以是重要的.
  • IP过滤器: 能够指定的计算机列表您的广告将不会显示, 为了防止意外点击自己的广告 -- 主要原因AdSense的一个禁止你. 这些功能将最大限度地减少你得到取缔的机会.
  • 兼容模式: 为了解决广告插入的问题使用某些主题时,搞乱了你的页面出现.
  • Category/Post Control: Ability to suppress ads on specific categories, posts and pages.
  • Shortcode Support: 显示广告仅在页面或你想要的职位, 而正是你想要他们.
  • Mobile Support: Ability to show different sets of ads on mobile devices, or to suppress ads.
  • Excerpts: 能够显示在摘录广告的配置数量 (它弥补了主页在某些主题).
  • Option Sets: Multiple option sets can be defined and easily switched between.
  • Suspend Ads: Ability to temporarily suppress ad serving.
  • Admin Interface Themes: Multiple color schemes for the admin interface.
  • Ad Serving Statistics: Keep an eye on your ad serving statistics to make sure that Google is not shortchanging you. (Optional paid module)



The easiest way to install this plugin is to use the WordPress Admin interface. Go to your admin dashboard, find the "插件" menu, and click on "Add New". Search for this plugin and click on "Install Now" and follow the WordPress instructions.


If you want to download it and manually install, you can again use the WordPress dashboard interface. First download the plugin zip file to your local computer. Then go to your admin dashboard, find the "插件" menu, and click on "Add New". After clicking on the "Add New" menu item as above, click on "Upload" (below the title "Install Plugins" near the top). Browse for your downloaded zip file, upload it and activate the plugin.

Using Plugin Interface

Further updates (and Pro upgrades and module installations) to the plugin can be done easily from the plugin admin page itself, by clicking on the Updates button on the top right corner.


Although the Easy Plugin for AdSense plugin is designed to handle Google AdSense efficiently, 没有什么阻止你使用文本框放置任何其他类型的文本在您的博客文章和页面. 特别是, 你可以使用来自其他供应商的广告文字, 尤其是在页眉和页脚.

要安装专业版本的插件, 请deactivage精简版的版本 (如果有的话) 第一. 然后上传zip文件,你 下载 后如下图所示您购买使用WordPress管理界面.


该插件 更新 也按照相同的过程, 最好是从插件管理页面,你会看到一个文件上传表单时更新已准备就绪. 为您购买的插件,在第一次更新是免费的.


  1. Easy Plugin for AdSense Dashboard.  Screenshot [easy-plugin-for-adsense] 1
  2. How to set the plugin options.  Screenshot [easy-plugin-for-adsense] 2
  3. Advanced configuration of the plugin.  Screenshot [easy-plugin-for-adsense] 3
  4. Options to support safety, compatibility, mobile devices and category/post control.  Screenshot [easy-plugin-for-adsense] 4


  • V9.30,,bg,与WP4.8兼容性,,en,日落版,,en: Compatibility with WP4.8. Sunset edition. [八月 1, 2017]
  • V9.20,bg: 与WP4.6兼容性. 积累了许多修正和变化. 释放夕阳版本. [十月 12, 2016]
  • V9.10: Compatibility with WP4.5. [四月 12, 2016]
  • V9.08: Improvements in the Google Translator interface. Compatibility with multisite installaton of subdomain type. [二月 28, 2016]
  • V9.07: Minor interface and documentation changes. [二月 25, 2016]
  • V9.06: Work-around for servers that refuse to save ad code because of the script tag. [二月 18, 2016]
  • V9.05: Restricting Google Translate not to translate user-editable strings. Optimizing screenshots. [二月 7, 2016]
  • V9.04: Ensuring widget titles can be suppressed in Easy AdSense. [一月 27, 2016]
  • V9.03: Adding diagnostic information on the update page. [一月 20, 2016]
  • V9.02: Changes to make the plugin compatible with multisite installations. [一月 14, 2016]
  • V9.01: Adding a dev-friendly include to introduce local settings, 如果有的话. [十二月 30, 2015]
  • V9.00: Compatibility with WordPress 4.4. [十二月 5, 2015]
  • V8.92: Making the admin menu dynamic (optionally) in standalone mode. Improving DB layer error handling. [十一月 29, 2015]
  • V8.91: Warning about PHP V5.4 requirement on the admin page. [十一月 8, 2015]
  • V8.90: Admin pages in your language using Google translation. [十月 22, 2015]
  • V8.83: Renaming the Mobile_Detect class for compatibility. [十月 14, 2015]
  • V8.82: Improving the speed of admin page loading. [九月 30, 2015]
  • V8.81: Killing the option to allow update checks. [九月 26, 2015]
  • V8.80: Changes to make the plugin work on nginx and Microsoft servers. [九月 20, 2015]
  • V8.75: Ensuring usability on touch-screen devices. [九月 17, 2015]
  • V8.74: Removing some unused files. [九月 15, 2015]
  • V8.73: Reinstating the option to force the admin page loading, moving to a less colorful default theme. [九月 14, 2015]
  • V8.72: 轻微重构改变. [九月 12, 2015]
  • V8.71: Adding the missing EzPlugin.php.[九月 9, 2015]
  • V8.70: Removing WP core file loading. [九月 4, 2015]
  • V8.61: Ensuring plugin admin files can be loaded in an iFrame. [八月 19, 2015]
  • V8.60: Compatibility with WordPress 4.3. [八月 10, 2015]
  • V8.53: Fixing the "Database Replace/Insert Error" that affected some servers. [八月 8, 2015]
  • V8.52: Fixing a bug in upgrade module. [八月 5, 2015]
  • V8.51: Fixing a bug in mobile detection. [八月 1, 2015]
  • V8.50: The plugin now remembers the last used tab. SQL schema change for better compatibility. Fixing a bug that may have caused the plugin not to display ads on some pages/posts. New option to control mid-text ad position in pro version. [圣诞节 30, 2015]
  • V8.45: Minor improvements in setup, plugin active status check and AJAX functions. [圣诞节 26, 2015]
  • V8.44: Minor changes in links. [Jun 25, 2015]
  • V8.43: 只有文档更改. [Jun 18, 2015]
  • V8.42: Fixing a bug that disabled suppressing widget titles. [五月 22, 2015]
  • V8.41: Admin page compatibility checks and improvements. [五月 12, 2015]
  • V8.40: Compatibility with WordPress 4.2. [四月 25, 2015]
  • V8.31: Minor fix for ajax-adsense compatibility. [四月 19, 2015]
  • V8.30: Releasing the lite version under the slug ajax-adsense. [四月 15, 2015]
  • V8.26: Improvements in the admin dashboard. [四月 14, 2015]
  • V8.25: Launching a demo site. [四月 11, 2015]
  • V8.24: Fixing a style that may have caused the admin page not to appear on some blogs. [四月 3, 2014]
  • V8.23: More compatibility checks. [四月 2, 2015]
  • V8.22: Minor fixes. [海 27, 2015]
  • V8.21: Fixing a bug that prevented custom fields from working properly. [海 26, 2015]
  • V8.20: WP version reverted to non-AJAX. [海 26, 2015]
  • V8.15: Minor bug fix on search widget and ad suppression while not in loop. [海 25, 2015]
  • V8.14: Adding error handling for updates. [海 24, 2015]
  • V8.13: Serious bug fix related to multiple passes of the content filter. Introducing a verbosity option. [海 22, 2015]
  • V8.12: 小错误修正, and adding diagnostic comments. [海 21, 2015]
  • V8.11: Providing a downgrade path to the previous, non-AJAX version of the plugin. [海 19, 2015]
  • V8.10: Providing a downgrade path to the previous, non-AJAX version of the plugin. [海 16, 2015]
  • V8.09: Documentation and usability enhancements. [海 13, 2015]
  • V8.08: Documentation and usability enhancements. [海 11, 2015]
  • V8.07: More changes for compatibility with PHP5.30. [海 11, 2015]
  • V8.06: Various accumulated fixes. [海 10, 2015]
  • V8.05: Improvements in the login check functions. [海 9, 2015]
  • V8.04: Getting rid of some variables in the global scope for compatibility with some themes. [海 8, 2015]
  • V8.03: Killing anonymous functions for compatibility with PHP versions older than 5.3. [海 8, 2015]
  • V8.02: Changes to the activation validation checks. [海 7, 2015]
  • V8.01: Fixing a textarea overflow issue in the plugin admin page. [海 6, 2016]
  • V8.00: Complete rewrite of the plugin with a lot more features. Admin page based on the twitter bootstrap framework. [海 1, 2015]
  • V7.60: Compatibility with WP4.1. [一月 8, 2015]
  • V7.51: Renaming the plugin as requested by Google. [十一月 30, 2014]
  • V7.50: Renaming the plugin as requested by Google. [十一月 30, 2014]
  • V7.43: Admin page changes. [十月 11, 2014]
  • V7.42: Suppressing a session start error on mobile devices. [九月 9, 2014]
  • V7.41: Minor change to the admin interface. [九月 9, 2014]
  • V7.40: 与WP4.0兼容性. [九月 6, 2014]
  • V7.31: Additional commit to change the last updated date in the repository. [八月 14, 2014]
  • V7.30: Adding access to Google AdExchange opportunity for the users through a collaboration. [八月 14, 2014]
  • V7.22: 固定有关引入广告投放的一些错误. [五月 30, 2014]
  • V7.21: 进一步重构和国际化变革. [五月 6, 2014]
  • V7.20: 一些重构变化. [四月 18, 2014]
  • V7.13: Bug修复. [四月 10, 2014]
  • V7.12: 如果需要,自动迁移选项当前版本. [四月 2, 2014]
  • V7.11: 轻微修正的小部件页面上的链接. [四月 2, 2014]
  • V7.10: 编码的改进. [四月 2, 2014]
  • V7.02: 固定与显示广告的左右边框的块中的错误. [四月 1, 2014]
  • V7.01: Changes to show ads on home/front pages made up of full posts. Translation interface improvements. [海 29, 2014]
  • V7.00: Major changes to the options data model and the translation interface. [海 21, 2014]
  • V6.51: 添加选项,以抑制粘性头版或搜索页面的广告. [一月 7, 2014]
  • V6.50: 兼容性检查的WordPress V3.8. 管理员页面更新 [十二月 17, 2013]
  • V6.40: Compatibility checks for WordPress V3.7. 翻译更新. [十一月 11, 2013]
  • V6.31: 翻译更新. 文档更改. [八月 22, 2013]
  • V6.30: 与WP3.6兼容性. [八月 8, 2013]
  • V6.23: New option to suppress the red placeholder boxes that annoy some users. [圣诞节 27, 2013]
  • V6.22: 新的选项,以防止线路中断的广告插入. [圣诞节 3, 2013]
  • V6.21: 更新了几个翻译. 小的改动管理页面. [Jun 10, 2013]
  • V6.20: 在管理页面上纠正W3C标记验证错误. [四月 27, 2013]
  • V6.10: 固定跨站请求伪造漏洞. (信贷: 通过Secunia公司SVCRP查理埃里克森。) [四月 27, 2013]
  • V6.06: 更多的翻译更新, 更好的会话处理. [海 29, 2013]
  • V6.05: 更新了几个翻译. Minor changes to the support module. [二月 16, 2013]
  • V6.04: Bug修复 (Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed). [一月 27, 2013]
  • V6.03: 文档更改, 测试与WP3.5, 翻译更新. [十二月 22, 2012]
  • V6.02: 固定与Jetpack的不兼容问题. [十二月 17, 2012]
  • V6.01: 更新了几个翻译. [十二月 5, 2012]
  • V6.00: 主要的重新组织代码. [十一月 1, 2012]
  • V5.24: Fixing some warning notices. [十月 27, 2012]
  • V5.23: 上面落点头球攻门没有乱了RSS提要现在. [十月 27, 2012]
  • V5.22: Adding a user support link on the admin page. [十月 5, 2012]
  • V5.21: 小bug修复. [九月 24, 2012]
  • V5.20: 管理界面修改. 更新某些翻译. [九月 21, 2012]
  • V5.19: Updating zh_CN translation. [九月 15, 2012]
  • V5.18: 编码的改进: 重构, 轻微的修正. [八月 30, 2012]
  • V5.17: 照顾一些调试的告示,从WordPress的调试模式. [八月 27, 2012]
  • V5.16: 添加nl_NL翻译. [八月 12, 2012]
  • V5.15: 小的改动管理页面. [七月 18, 2012]
  • V5.14: Testing compatibility with WP 3.4. [七月 10, 2012]
  • V5.13: 更新翻译. 有关评级管理页面上添加一些文字. [六月 12, 2012]
  • V5.12: Documentation and admin updates. Translation interface changes. [五月 24, 2012]
  • V5.11: Renaming the plugin -- dropping the word Lite, and other minor documentation changes. [五月 7, 2012]
  • V5.10: 更新了几个翻译 (only change). [四月 18, 2012]
  • V5.09: 更新了几个翻译, consolidating image resources and trimming auxiliary files. New option to suppress invitations to upgrade the plugin. [海 20, 2012]
  • V5.08: Fixing a bug in enforcing the limit on the number of adsense blocks. 更新翻译. [一月 8, 2012]
  • V5.07: Minor fixes. [十一月 16, 2011]
  • V5.06: 代码清理 -- removing unused functions, indenting the code. [十一月 15, 2011]
  • V5.05: 小错误修正. [十一月 15, 2011]
  • V5.04: Updating Korean translation [.mo file was missing in V5.03]. [十一月 13, 2011]
  • V5.03: 释放韩语翻译和更新泰语翻译. Admin interface changes. [十一月 12, 2011]
  • V5.02: 删除未使用的代码和修整的readme.txt. [十一月 3, 2011]
  • V5.01: 文档更改. [十月 31, 2011]
  • V5.00: 移动老Pro的功能的精简版版, 并将其释放. [十月 25, 2011]
  • V4.10: 删除未使用, 遗留代码. [十月 8, 2011]
  • V4.09: 简化 defaults.php. [十月 6, 2011]
  • V4.08: 发布更新翻译. [十月 4, 2011]
  • V4.07: 更改翻译界面. [九月 13, 2011]
  • V4.06: 另一个小错误修复. [八月 31, 2011]
  • V4.05: 文档和管理,页面显示的变化. 非关键. [八月 30, 2011]
  • V4.04: 另一个bug修复. [八月 29, 2011]
  • V4.03: 简化了代码, 删除未使用的功能等. 和次要的bug修复. [八月 25, 2011]
  • V4.02: 关键bug修复. [八月 21, 2011]
  • V4.01: 细微的变化,以支持和管理页面上的信息链接. [八月 7, 2011]
  • V4.00: 第一个商业版本. [七月 30, 2011]
  • V3.02: 文档更改. [七月 3, 2011]
  • V3.01: 与WordPress有保证的兼容性 3.2. [六月 17, 2011]
  • V3.00: 多个翻译更新和更改默认广告. [六月 12, 2011]
  • V2.99: 紧急bug修复. [十月 18, 2010]
  • V2.98: 更多的翻译更新和支持选项, 和管理员界面的变化. [十月 15, 2010]
  • V2.97: 饲料抑制广告 (用户请求), 更改默认和共享广告, 和翻译更新 (pt_PT). [十月 2, 2010]
  • V2.96: 翻译更新. 小bug修复和增强功能. [九月 16, 2010]
  • V2.95: 文件 (常问问题) 和默认的变化. [八月 18, 2010]
  • V2.94: 更多的性能优化和小错误修正. [八月 12, 2010]
  • V2.93: 性能优化, 更新某些翻译, 并更改默认和共享广告 (宣传作者的书,包括其他供应商). [八月 10, 2010]
  • V2.92: 默认广告大改造: 默认 (和共享) 广告已更改为转诊图像. 该文本框的管理页面上展示,现在的提醒生成并粘贴您的AdSense代码. [六月 27, 2010]
  • V2.91: 更新了一些翻译和添加了一个新的提醒对谷歌政策. [五月 20, 2010]
  • V2.90: 更新了俄语翻译. [四月 10, 2010]
  • V2.89: 更新翻译 (da_DK,pt_PTes_ES). [海 20, 2010]
  • V2.88: A minor fix on the number of adsense blocks on a page. [海 6, 2010]
  • V2.87: 禁止在饲料的广告,如果头的展示位置选择 (bug修复). 一些页眉/页脚位置,期权和其他WordPress的部件/插件之间潜在的不兼容添加警告. [二月 9, 2010]
  • V2.86: 重新启用头选项: 高于/低于头选项停在WP2.91工作. 这里是一个修补程序。[一月 30, 2010]
  • V2.85: 小错误修正: 一些边距设置 (小窗口和链路单元) 没有更新. [一月 27, 2010]
  • V2.84: 新功能: Display adsense blocks based on the post length. 可能的错误修复: 抑制RSS源过滤. [一月 22, 2010]
  • V2.83: Bug修复 (在管理页面广告). 新翻译 (丹麦 da_DK). 更新的几个翻译. [十二月 10, 2009]
  • V2.82: Option to suppress in-line style statements so that you can use your style.css to control the adsense blocks. 更新了几个翻译 (tr_TR, de_DE). [十月 25, 2009]
  • V2.81: New text wrapping options around adsense blocks. 更新了几个翻译 (es_ES, zh_CN), 和释放挪威 (nb_NO), 和泰国 (th_TH). [十月 14, 2009]
  • V2.80: 代码清理, 更新意大利和乌克兰新 (uk_UA) 译文. [七 24, 2009]
  • V2.79: 更新某些翻译 (es_ES, pt_BR, de_DE). [七 7, 2009]
  • V2.78: 更多翻译. 小错误修正 (沉默 WP_DEBUG 警告). [七 1, 2009]
  • V2.77: 法语翻译, 最后! [八月 22, 2009]
  • V2.76: 发布新阿拉伯语, 和更新德国和印尼翻译. [八月 19, 2009]
  • V2.75: 在页眉和页脚选项的改进. 部分切换到ClickBank的为捐赠广告位. 腾出更多的翻译. [八月 10, 2009]
  • V2.73: A long overdue option for putting adsense blocks near the header and footer. 准备使用其他广告商 (ClickBank的现在) 在捐赠广告位. [八月 2, 2009]
  • V2.72: 一个bug修复相关的抑制搜索框和链接单元标题. [七月 30, 2009]
  • V2.71: 选项​​来调整的广告块的边缘, 所要求的某些用户. [七月 29, 2009]
  • V2.70: 新的选项禁止小部件的标题. [七月 25, 2009]
  • V2.64: 释放 pt_PT 翻译. [七月 22, 2009]
  • V2.63: 在俄罗斯新的翻译 (ru_RU). 更新翻译: 葡萄牙 (pt_BR), 简体中国 (zh_CN). [七月 18, 2009]
  • V2.62: 尝试修复自动更新并安装问题. 改进文档突出的广告空间共享. 不是必要更新, 但任何意见可以理解的. [七月 16, 2009]
  • V2.61: 改善的翻译工具. (英语的用户并不需要更新。) [七月 14, 2009]
  • V2.60: 翻译工具 (所谓 简易翻译) 国际化. 英语 (EN_US) 用户将看到没有什么区别, 并没有理由更新. [七月 12, 2009]
  • V2.59: 选项​​禁止挂职网页广告. 简体中国translation. [七月 8, 2009]
  • V2.58: 增强管理页面. [七月 2, 2009]
  • V2.57: 删除最小 - 最大执行上的广告空间共享. [六月 30, 2009]
  • V2.56: 固定在一个错字 is_category(). [六月 26, 2009]
  • V2.55: 固定问题提交按钮IE8. [六月 23, 2009]
  • V2.54: 提供 htmlspecialchars_decode() 为了与旧版本的PHP兼容. [六月 23, 2009]
  • V2.53: 该 <div>包含AdSense代码为S有类名设置,使他们能够从主题CSS来控制. 共享广告插槽是相同的大小,只显示文字广告,现在. [六月 23, 2009]
  • V2.52: 德国翻译. [六月 20,2009]
  • V2.51: 修改为处理WP2.8新的窗口小部件API部件 . (完全向后兼容。) [六月 13, 2009]
  • V2.50: 选项​​禁止类/标签/存档页面上的广告 -- 请求的功能. 更改插件名称 (下降的最后 "ř"). 配置的广告空间共享,支持插件开发. [六月 12, 2009]
  • V2.41: 选项​​来改变鼠标悬停边框颜色和宽度的广告块. 还, 选项​​来启用鼠标悬停装饰的侧边栏小工具和链接单元. [六月 6, 2009]
  • V2.40: 在管理页面上的重大改进. 在管理页面上的赞助商链接. 添加所需功能: 选项​​抑制头版/主页的广告块. [五月 29, 2009]
  • V2.38: 固定但被阻止显示谷歌搜索标题. [五月 22, 2009]
  • V2.37: 白俄罗斯翻译. [五月 11, 2009]
  • V2.36: 土耳其语翻译. [五月 4, 2009]
  • V2.35: 添加页面的一些HTML注释与方便故障排除版本号和广告块序列号. [五月 1, 2009]
  • V2.34: 一个新的选项,把周围的边框的广告块为鼠标装饰. [四月 28, 2009]
  • V2.33: 更多的修复,终于使管理页面完全 "有效的XHTML 1.0 过渡。" 还发布翻译印尼语 [四月 17, 2009]
  • V2.32: 相关W3验证小错误修正. [四月 13, 2009]
  • V2.31: 更新某些语言文件和纠正轻微SVN提交错误. [四月 12, 2009]
  • V2.30: 接口大修. 新的干净的外观与JavaScript工具提示隐藏细节. 新的选项,以清理数据库条目和卸载的插件. [四月 12, 2009]
  • V2.26: 一个选项,只显示在博客帖子广告 (而不是在网页). [四月 9, 2009]
  • V2.25: 更强大的处理国际化. [四月 4, 2009]
  • V2.24: 释放意大利, 西班牙修改. [四月 3, 2009]
  • V2.23: 释放葡萄牙语. [三月 29, 2009]
  • V2.22: 释放在西班牙语和法语. [三月 28, 2009]
  • V2.21: 国际化 -- 第二次在法兰西我自己的定位 (可怜虽然翻译). [三月 26, 2009]
  • V2.20: 国际化 (国际化) -- 第一遍. [三月 26, 2009]
  • V2.11: Bug修复: 插件是无法正常处理的帖子,没有自定义字段. [三月 10, 2009]
  • V2.10: 添加更多的控制权在显示个别职位/网页的AdSense块. [三月 8, 2009]
  • V2.01: 一个选项,执行不超过三个广告阻止谷歌的政策时,优先考虑的侧边栏小工具. [三月 3, 2009]
  • V2.00: [二月 22, 2009]
    1. 新部件链接单元.
    2. 设置页面的完整的改造, 包括一个选项,以重新加载默认设置.
    3. 编码的改进, 包括来自PHP文件分离设置页面的HTML.
    4. 能力中心的广告块. [由于这一新功能, 您可能需要重新输入您现有的广告,如果你是从早期版本升级的对齐选项。]
  • V1.82: 选择删除所有的返回链接到我的博客, 按用户需求. 选项​​甚至在短期职位,以迫使中文字广告块. [二月 15, 2009]
  • V1.81: 简化了对谷歌的政策选项,限制链路背. [二月 12, 2009]
  • V1.80: 一个选项来限制链接背, 并显示在饲料广告块. [二月 7, 2009]
  • V1.70: 对谷歌政策的一个选项 -- 有两个广告块,加上侧边栏小工具, 三个广告块 (带或不带边栏插件) 或者根本没有. [一月 25, 2009]
  • V1.61: 限制 "[导读]" 插头只能文章和页面. [一月 18, 2009]
  • V1.60: 实施每页三个广告块或更少的谷歌的AdSense政策. [一月 16, 2009]
  • V1.50: 另一侧边栏小工具的谷歌搜索, 使这个插件的一切事物的AdSense相关的完整解决方案. [一月 7, 2009]
  • V1.40: 一个侧边栏小工具. [一月 2, 2009]
  • V1.30: 保存主题专用配置, 因此,如果您来回切换主题之间, 您不必更改设置. [十二月 28, 2008]
  • V1.20: 经测试与WordPress 2.7. 样式修改在管理菜单页面,以匹配新的WordPress. [十二月 13, 2008]
  • V1.10: 使用WordPress的样式表中获得更好的外观和感觉融合. 编码的改进. [十二月. 7, 2008]
  • V1.02: 额外 "设置" 链接到WP插件页面. [十一月 30, 2008]
  • V1.01: 为限制过滤器为单柱轻微的修正. [十一月 29, 2008]
  • V1.00: 初始发行. [十一月 27, 2008]


Why does my home/front page show no ads?

广告是由附加的滤波器来的内容插入. 如果您的家庭/头版是由全帖, 内容过滤器将应用,你会看到广告. 另一方面, 如果您的家庭/头版是由摘录 (后期内容片断), 内容过滤器不适用.

因此能够适用于摘录滤波器以及. 但随后, 我们必须确保它仅适用于前三摘录 (符合谷歌的政策). 这个特性将在实施 Pro版 该插件.

我只是激活插件. 为什么我看不到我的博客任何广告?

请注意,您必须生成来自谷歌AdSense代码, 并粘贴 整个 在文本框中的代码, 替换现有文本. 有对应于三个广告位置的三个主要文本框 - 铅在, 中秋节文字和导出. 如果不希望使用一个特定位置, 请选择相应的选项镇压. 否则, the plugin will show a red box (if you are logged in as admin) indicating where your ad would be shown.

如果你刚刚创建的新的谷歌AdSense代码, 它可能不是活性尚未. 谷歌投放广告之前,需要大约10分钟左右. 请稍后再试。.

我激活插件, 我看到很多红色的箱子在我的博客文章您的广告将在这里插入. 我该如何摆脱他们?

Easy Plugin for AdSense draws a red box on your blog posts to show where the ads would be shown if you entered the ad code on its admin page. (These boxes are shown only if you are logged in as admin.) 这意味着,作为一个提醒你去管理页面,并输入广告代码. 如果你想压制他们, 检查选项 "抑制放置盒" in the Pro section. 在做正确的事, 然而,, 将在文本框中输入您的广告代码为每个广告位, or suppress the ad slot in the Ad Alignment panel.

我无法弄清楚如何抑制特定广告位. 我一定要显示所有三个广告位的所有时间?

当然不是. The option to suppress the ad slots is in the Ad Alignment panel.


Easy Plugin for AdSense is the freely distributed version of a premium plugin. 该 Pro版 为您提供了更多的功能 -- it lets you activate a filter to ensure that your ads show only on those pages that seem to comply with Google AdSense policies. 它也可以让你指定的计算机列表您的广告将不会显示, 为了防止意外点击自己的广告 -- 主要原因AdSense的一个禁止你. 这些功能将最大限度地减少你得到取缔的机会. It also has full support of mobile devices, and supports per category and per post ad suppression. 专业版的费用 $7.95.


这个插件使用付费的支持模式,以管理支持负载. 每 支持票 将在充电 $0.95 为精简版的版本 (而对于专业版经过短暂的免费支持期). 的支持票的有效期为 72 小时, 进一步的后续问题将调用一个新的支持票.

I don't understand the Pro features. 色情和网站块 - can't you set those during Asdense ad setup?

你有什么在AdSense是一种阻止来自某些网站广告的能力. 例如, 如果你不喜欢的广告 我的网站 "thulasidas.com", 你可以阻止他们. 什么是专业版使您的屏蔽广告的能力 某些客户端. 这是, 如果你不希望访问者来自某些IP地址看到您的广告 (因为他们可以点击太多了, 得到您的AdSense帐户被禁止, 例如), 你可以用我的插件.

色情块也是类似 -- 谷歌让你选择非色情广告 (我认为). 什么我的插件确实是看你的页面内容, 和块广告,如果它看起来像一个色情网页. (这可能发生,如果垃圾邮件发送者张贴色情样的评论对您的博客, 这又可以让您的AdSense帐户被禁止。)

The placement option for lead-in adsense block in the header doesn't work the way I like. 您可以修复它?

简短的回答: 别, 我无法弄清楚如何做的更好.

长的答案: 此选项可通过添加一个动作到WordPress的钩子. 我找不到一个钩子,将右后得到激活 <body> 在生成的HTML标签, 和右后标题图片放在 (和插入的侧边栏前). 如果您知道名字挂钩, 请告诉我. 还, 如果你的主题有 "侧" 页眉和页脚附近的酒吧 (南北侧边栏), 之间可能存在冲突 add_action 导致意外的行为挂钩.

需要注意的是 Below HeaderEnd of Page 选项​​是黑客,可能无法与WordPress的默认部件兼容 Recent Posts 或其他任何可使用DB查询或循环. 如果你有问题,你的侧边栏和/或字体大小, 请选择一些其他的 Position 选项.


<div>s that Easy Plugin for AdSense creates have the class attribute adsense. 此外, 他们有一流的属性,如 adsense-leadin, adsense-midtext, adsense-leadout, adsense-widgetadsense-lu 根据类型. 您可以设置样式为这些类在你的主​​题 style.css 控制它们的外观.


是的! 现在, 在V2.1 , 你有更多的选择 (运用 自定义字段) 来控制个别职位/网页的AdSense块. 添加自定义字段与像钥匙 adsense-top, adsense-middle, adsense-bottom, adsense-widget, adsense-search 和值一样 left, right, centerno 有控制的谷歌的AdSense块如何出现在每一个职位或页面. 自定义字段 adsense 与价值 no 抑制在帖子或网页的所有AdSense广告块.


In the Pro version of this plugin, you can control the ad placements using the shortcode [adsense] 在您的博客文章和页面. If you would like to place your ads using shortcodes, please enable it on the Pro page. You can also specify a second argument like [adsense leadin] to insert the lead-in ad, 例如. The second argument can be leadin, midpost, 或 leadout.

默认情况下,, 只能由简码中指定的广告将显示 (when shortcodes are enabled). You can specify how the plugin handles shortcode priority using a drop-down menu. You have these choices:

  • Do auto placements if shortcode is missing
  • Do not place any ads if shortcode is missing
  • Always ignore shortcodes and do only auto placement
  • Do not place any ads in posts/pages

The last option effectively disables the plugin for the body of posts and pages, 离开未受影响的部件.

我觉得这 插件有太多的选择太复杂. 任何替代品?

If you feel that the features of Easy Plugin for AdSense are a bit too much, 考虑我的精益和平均的AdSense插件 现在的AdSense!

我有困难的时候得到张贴广告的中间显示. 他们表现出一些职位, 但不是所有的人. 任何可能的建议?

中间的广告旨在显示只长职务 (余 20 段落). 使用该选项强制中期文字广告 (在v1.82 ) 覆盖这个长度检查.

Can I go back to the previous version of the plugin? I don't like the modern bootstrap/AJAX interface.

You can download the previous version 并安装它. First deactivate and delete the latest version of the plugin, and then follow the Uploading method under the 安装 section of this document. The new version uses an completely different options model, and your old options are left intact in your database, so that you can go back anytime.

Why do I get error message saying something about direct access to plugin files?

This plugin admin interface is designed with a loosely coupled architecture, which means it interacts with the WordPress core only for certain essential services (login check, plugin activation status, database access etc). Loosely coupled systems tend to be more robust and flexible than tightly integrated ones because they make fewer assumptions about each other. My plugin admin pages are fairly independent, and do not pollute the global scope or leak the style directives or JavaScript functions. In order to achieve this, they are loaded in iFrames within the WordPress admin interface.

Your web server needs direct access to the plugin files to load anything in an iFrame. Some aggressive security settings block this kind of access, usually through an .htaccess file in your wp-contentplugins folders, which is why this plugin gives a corresponding error message if it detects inability to access the files (checked through a file_get_contents call on a plugin file URL). But some systems implement further blocks specifically on file_get_contents or on iFrames with specific styles (运用 mod_securty rules, 例如), which is why the plugin provides a means to override this auto-detection and force the admin page.

Is the direct access to plugin files a security hole?

Note that it is only your own webserver that needs direct access to the PHP files. The reason for preventing such access is that a hacker might be able to upload a malicious PHP (or other executable script) to your web host, which your webserver will run if asked to. Such a concern is valid only on systems where you explicitly permit unchecked file uploads. 例如, if anyone can upload any file to your media folder, and your media folder is not protected against direct access and script execution, you have given the potential hacker an attack vector. This plugin has no upload facility, so allowing your webserver to serve the plugin admin files in an iFrame is completely safe, in my judgement.


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