Filosofia del denaro

Underlying all financial activity are transactions involving money. The term “transactions” means something philosophically different in economics. It stands for exchanges of goods and services. Soldi, in economic transactions, has only a transactional value. It plays the role of a medium facilitating the exchanges. Nelle transazioni finanziarie, tuttavia, denaro diventa l'entità che viene negoziata. I sistemi finanziari si muovono essenzialmente denaro dai risparmi e la trasforma in capitale. Così il denaro assume un valore di investimento, oltre al suo valore intrinseco transazionale. Il valore dell'investimento è la base di interesse.

Dato che il valore dell'investimento si misura anche e restituito in termini di denaro, otteniamo la nozione di interesse composto e “mettere soldi per lavorare.” Coloro che hanno rendimenti domanda di moneta sulla base del rischio di investimento sono disposti ad assumere. E il ruolo del sistema finanziario moderno diventa uno di bilanciare questa equazione rischio-rendimento.

We should keep in mind that this signification of money as investment entity is indeed a philosophical choice that we have made over the past few centuries. Other choices do exist — Islamic banking springs to mind, although its practice has be diluted by the more widely held view of money as possessing an investment value. It is fascinating to study the history and philosophy of money, but it is a topic that calls for a full-length book on its own right. Understanding money at its most fundamental level may in fact enhance our productivity — which is again measured in terms of the bottom line, consistent with the philosophy of money that enjoys currency.


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  1. Interesting thoughts. As you ponder this topic, here’s something to think about as well. Why is it that banks do not invest? Banks, sono “lenders”, not investors. Most banking charters prohibit investing. This shifts the balance of risk as loans are tied to assets. Money still works, but in a different way. Understanding this one component of finance could be a life changing event. I hope you’ll take that into consideration when you write your book.

    Travis MItchell

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