Married to the Job — Till Death Do Us Part?

Stress is as much a part of our corporate careers as death is a fact of life. 还, it is best to keep the two (career and death) separate. This is the message that was lost on some hardworking young souls here who literally worked themselves to death. So do a lot of Japanese, if we are to believe the media.

The reason for death in sedentary jobs is the insidious condition called deep vein thrombosis. This condition develops because of extended hours spent sitting, when a blood clot forms in the lower limbs. 血凝块然后传播到重要器官上身,,en,在那里肆虐,包括死亡,,en,避免这样的不合时宜的困境特技,,en,没有坐长,,en,但是,这是谈何容易,,en,当工作压力太大,,en,和最后期限迫在眉睫,,en,在这里你必须让你的优先级直,,en,那你更看重,,en,生活或企业成功的质量,,en,在这个选择的含义是,你不能兼得,,en,如图所示,在投资银行认为是这样的笑话,,en,如果你不能来上周六,,en,不要打扰星期天来参加,,en,作出妥协,,en,它可以放手职业理想的一点点,极大提高生活质量,,en,这种平衡不是那么简单,虽然,,en,没有什么是生活,,en, where it wreaks havoc including death.

The trick in avoiding such an untimely demise, 当然, is not to sit for long. But that is easier said than done, when job pressure mounts, and deadlines loom.

Here is where you have to get your priorities straight. What do you value more? Quality of life or corporate success? The implication in this choice is that you can’t have both, as illustrated in the joke in investment banking that goes like: “If you can’t come in on Saturday, don’t bother coming in on Sunday!”

您可以, 然而,, make a compromise. It is possible to let go a little bit of career aspirations and improve the quality of life tremendously. This balancing act is not so simple though; nothing in life is.

破坏了工作与生活的平衡是几个因素,,en,一个是我们生活在物欲横流的文化,,en,这是很难打的是趋势,,en,二是被误导的概念,你可以,,en,做了,,en,然后坐下来享受生活,,en,在那个时间点,当你摆脱世俗的烦恼很少物化,,en,你可能有一个职业化的合作伙伴,,en,甚至当你准备采取平衡的方法,,en,你的伴侣可能不,,en,从而减少把它在实践中的价值,,en,这些都是你的因素不断的争斗反对,,en,你可以赢得战斗,,en,与逻辑,,en,纪律和决心,,en,还有第四,,en,更为险恶,,en,因子,,en,这是一个成功的职业生涯是一个全有或全无的命题神话,,en,作为暗示在前面的投资银行笑话,,en,这是一个神话,,en,也许,故意老板传播,,en. One is the materialistic culture we live in. It is hard to fight that trend. Second is a misguided notion that you can “make it” 第一, then sit back and enjoy life. That point in time when you are free from worldly worries rarely materializes. 第三, you may have a career-oriented partner. Even when you are ready to take a balanced approach, your partner may not be, thereby diminishing the value of putting it in practice.

These are factors you have to constantly battle against. And you can win the battle, with logic, discipline and determination. 然而, there is a fourth, much more sinister, factor, which is the myth that a successful career is an all-or-nothing proposition, as implied in the preceding investment banking joke. It is a myth (perhaps knowingly propagated by the bosses) 那笼罩着我们的企业当头达摩克利斯之剑,,en,因为这个神话,,en,人们最终会工作到很晚,,en,试图使一个印象,,en,但一个印象是由,,en,没有工作的数量,,en,但其质量,,en,打开质量,,en,有影响力的工作,,en,你会得到回报,,en,不管需要多长时间来完成它,,en,使质量工作远程的可能性,,en,这种忧郁的时间长最好留给工作狂,,en,他们继续工作,因为他们不能帮助它,,en,这与其说是一个职业理想,,en,但习惯的力量加上恐惧社会生活,,en,罢工在今天的狗工作与生活的平衡吃狗的世界,,en,你可能要牺牲众所周知的企业阶梯的少数上层梯级,,en.

Because of this myth, people end up working late, trying to make an impression. But an impression is made, not by the quantity of work, but by its quality. Turn in quality, impactful work, and you will be rewarded, regardless of how long it takes to accomplish it. Long hours, 在我看来, make the possibility of quality work remote.

Such melancholy long hours are best left to workaholics; they keep working because they cannot help it. It is not so much a career aspiration, but a force of habit coupled with a fear of social life.

To strike a work-life balance in today’s dog eat dog world, you may have to sacrifice a few upper rungs of the proverbial corporate ladder. 愤怒的对公司机器完全不考虑后果,最终归结为一个简单的实现,,en,即谋生相当于什么,如果你的生活在这个过程中失去了,,en,配偶冷漠,,en,我们给一个该死,,en,在工作一整天后,,en,你想休息你用尽心思,,en,可能是你想幸灾乐祸一下自己的小胜利,,en,或者抱怨一下自己一天的小挫折,,en,对于这种心理宣泄理想的受害者是你的配偶,,en,但配偶,,en,在今天的双收入家庭,,en,也从一个疲惫的心灵在这一天结束痛苦,,en,2个疲惫心灵之间的对话通常缺少的重要组成,,en,听者,,en,而如果没有一个听众的对话是没有太大的谈话都,,en — that making a living amounts to nothing if your life is lost in the process.